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Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

We're home to the second-oldest aerospace engineering program in the country with well-established ties to the aerospace industry locally and nationally. 

Modern aerospace systems become increasingly intricate as technology advances. Successful, safe, and sustainable aerospace engineering requires coordination of many interrelated processes and systems. 

Our Programs

By encompassing the areas of aeronautics and astronautics, the aerospace engineering program at UC prepares you to analyze, design and implement aerospace systems to become the next generation of explorers. You'll build a foundation in the contemporary aerospace engineering principles required to innovate in a variety of fields and learn to design and develop flight vehicles and aerospace systems like avionics, propulsion, remote sensing and autonomous navigation.

Course work includes the analysis and design of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, rockets and satellites. Students engage in hands-on training in the fields of fluid mechanics, propulsion, structures, controls and electronics. Computer skills are increasingly vital in the aerospace industry, so students also take courses in computer-aided design, structural analysis and simulation studies.

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Engineering student studying flight physics of birds

April 24, 2024

After earning a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in Nepal, Sameer Pokhrel came to the United States to further his education. From an early age, he had a lifelong fascination with aviation. As an adult, he transformed this fascination into a career, pursuing a doctoral degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Cincinnati's historic program. Here, he has succeeded in research, instruction, and was recently named Graduate Student Engineer of the Month by the College of Engineering and Applied Science.


Engineering students present at third annual Expo

April 24, 2024

This spring, senior students at the University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering and Applied Science came together to present their final capstone projects at the third annual CEAS Expo. College faculty, staff, alumni and industry professionals attended the event to witness the innovation that is created at CEAS.

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