High School Counselors and Teachers

CEAS has a variety of degree programs. Check out our majors to help your students find the right fit for them!

  • Requirements/Prerequisite courses to apply to CEAS   


  • 3 credits of Science (including Chemistry & Physics)
  • ·4 credits of Math (including at least pre-calculus)

TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS (Construction Management, Electrical Engineering Technology, & Mechanical Engineering Technology)

  • 3 credits Science (including Chemistry OR Physics)
  • 3 credits of Science (including Chemistry OR Physics)
  • 4 credits of Math (including algebra, geometry, and statistics or trigonometry. Pre-calculus is highly encouraged)

  • Students who want to go into engineering and applied science need to choose the math pathway that leads to pre-calculus.
  • Some states are instructing students who are interested in Computer Science to the Discrete Math pathway – This pathway will not include pre-calculus. Please guide those students to the Algebra 2 pathway, which will include pre-calculus

Senior year can get hectic for many high school students, but it’s important to complete all of the necessary steps in the college application process by their respective deadlines. To find out more, visit University of Cincinnati's Central Admissions' Applications Information page.

Request a Visit from CEAS Undergraduate Admissions

The College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) Recruitment and Admissions team wants to be as accessible as possible to all high schools. Please use this form to request a presentation from our recruitment team or to request a visit to CEAS. Please note that submitting a request does not confirm a visit. Once your request is received, the Recruitment office representative will contact you to coordinate the visit. Presentation requests need to be submitted no less than three weeks before the presentation.