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Study Abroad

UC offers a variety of programs abroad that last for one week, a summer, a semester or an entire year. Studying abroad is more affordable than expected, with plenty of opportunities to use UC financial aid and scholarships. Formal partnerships between UC and institutions abroad give UC students the opportunity to work on research or industrial projects at overseas university labs as an experiential co-op while receiving co-op credit.

UC offers the following types of study abroad opportunities:

Exchange Programs

Formal partnerships between UC and an institution abroad allows UC students to pay UC in-state tuition and receive transfer credit for this type of experience. Grades transfer on a pass/fail basis and do not affect GPA.

Faculty-Led Programs

Organized and led by UC faculty, typically lasting one to six weeks, this program allows students to earn UC credit (although some programs may involve transfer credit).

Co-op Programs

UC’s International Co-op Program allows students to explore individual options with their co-op advisor.

Global Research Labs

Through the Global Research Labs program, CEAS students can co-op in a research lab at a foreign university. The research assignment typically lasts four to eight months (one to two semesters).

External Provider Programs

UC partners with several external organizations to broaden opportunities for students. Many students study with UC's partner, the University Studies Abroad Consortium.

Dual Articulation Agreement

Dual Master’s Agreements between UC and an institution abroad allow UC students to spend a semester at a partner’s institution and receive transfer credit for this type of experience.