Environmental Analysis Service Center

The EASC is devoted to the analysis of emerging contaminants in the environment, and to the identification of microorganisms involved in biotransformation causing a pathogenic response.  We implement analytical protocols for the separation, identification, and quantification of trace contaminants (organic and inorganic) in environmental matrices, as well as the determination of microbial communities and specific organisms by DNA analysis.


Headshot of George A Sorial

George A Sorial

Instructor - Adj, CEAS - Chemical & Env Eng

Dr. Sorial has 36 years of experience in bench scale and pilot scale research and chemical analysis with various analytical instruments.His research interests include: biofiltration, impact of nanoparticles on biofilms, electrochemical processes for destruction of organic contaminants, activated carbon adsorption (micropollutant removal from drinking water, adsorption of micropollutants by activated carbon and alternative adsorbents, characterization of adsorbent materials and natural organic matter, interactions between micropollutants and humic substances), modeling of adsorption systems (equilibrium and dynamics), remediation of contaminated soils, modeling of mercury speciation and chemical interactions in sediments and aquatic systems, fate and transport of nanoparticles, development of analytical methods for analysis, and development of protocols for US EPA in effectiveness of surfactants on oil spills.At the University of Cincinnati, Professor Sorial developed the curriculum for the undergraduate program in Environmental Engineering, teaches graduate courses in the field of Advanced Topics in Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Principles of Environmental Systems, and a graduate laboratory course on Environmental Instrumentation.He also teaches two undergraduate lec/lab course on grand challenges and environmental measurements.He coordinated a number of times in the undergraduate Civil Engineering Capstone Course “Integrated Design Sequence”.
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Zhiqiang (Mark) Wang, PhD

Director of Environmental Analysis Service Center, College of Engineering and Applied Science

766 Engineering Research Center (ERC)

(513) 556-3637