Leadership at the College of Engineering and Applied Science

The UC College of Engineering and Applied Science is leading the way into a new era of innovation and impact, both in student experience and research.

Known as an innovator in engineering education since inventing cooperative education in 1906, the college is taking new bold steps – creating student support services, new tracks of study, enhanced connections with industry, and new partnerships in research.

We do not shy away from failure. We try things, fail, learn, repeat, then innovate. We compete on the highest stages of research, academics and industry. This competition is hard but it is also fun. We will never stop striving for excellence in everything we do.

Students come first in everything we do, from curriculum to involvement in research. Our faculty and staff would impact any business or lab. We all choose to be at UC for the students.


Headshot of John Weidner

John Weidner

Dean and Professor of Chemical Engineering

Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Allen Arthur

Allen Arthur

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs

655A Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Whitney Gaskins

Whitney Gaskins

Associate Dean of the Office of Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement, Faculty Development

826 Mantei Center


Headshot of Gautam Pillay

Gautam Pillay

Associate Dean of Research

826 Engineering Research Center


Headshot of Frank Gerner

Frank Gerner

Senior Associate Dean

816 Engineering Research Center


Headshot of Eugene Rutz

Eugene Rutz

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

665C Baldwin Hall


Headshot of David McGlynn

David McGlynn

Administrative Director, Office of the Dean and Communications


Joint Co-op Institute

Headshot of Tom Huston

Tom Huston

Co-director of the Joint Co-op Institute; Professor-Educator of Mechanical Engineering

626 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-2645

Department Heads

Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

Headshot of Paul Orkwis

Paul Orkwis

Brian H. Rowe Chair and Interim Department Head, Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

Biomedical Engineering

Headshot of Tom Talavage

Tom Talavage

Department Head, Biomedical Engineering

501L Engineering Research Center


Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Headshot of Anastasios Angelopoulos

Anastasios Angelopoulos

Department Head, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

701L Engineering Research Center


Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management

Headshot of Richard Miller

Richard Miller

Department Head, Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management

765A Baldwin Hall


Computer Science

Headshot of Justin Zhan

Justin Zhan

Department Head, Computer Science

(513) 556-2988

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Headshot of Marc Cahay

Marc Cahay

Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering

812J Rhodes Hall


Engineering & Computing Education

Headshot of Greg Bucks

Greg Bucks

Interim Department Head, Engineering & Computing Education


Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Headshot of Ying Sun

Ying Sun

Department Head, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

(513) 556-7620