Info for Current Graduate Students

University Graduate Scholarship & Grad Incentive Scholarship Guidelines

  • UGS/GIA (appears on account as Grad Incentive Scholarship - GIA) recipients must be registered for at least 15 graduate semester hours in the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS).  You must maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA.  Students can register for up to a maximum of 18 semester hours as part of their UGS/GIA.  Costs for more than 18 semester hours will be the responsibility of the student.  You are responsible for checking your bill and ensure that your UGS/GIA scholarship is applied.  
  • Day 15 of the semester is the last day to drop to get a 100% refund (Calendar days from the 1st day of classes).  If you drop classes or withdraw after day 15 of the semester all scholarships will be removed and you will be responsible to pay 100% tuition and fees.  If you withdraw or leave the University for any reason and do not drop your classes by day 15 of the semester, then you will be responsible to pay all tuition and fees due.

Adding & Dropping Classes

  • Day 15 is the last day to drop a class and the class will be removed from your academic record. 
  • International students on reduced course load must be registered for 1 semester hour in their program EVERY Fall/Spring semester until graduation or have OPT card. Failure to comply may result in applying for reinstatement and a delay in graduation. Students on CPT must be registered every academic semester or their CPT will be cancelled. UGS/GIA will not be provided for students on reduced course load.
  • All Graduate Assistants (also referred to a GA, RA or TA), regardless of funding source, are required to register full time.  Failure to register full time can result in termination of your assistantship.
  • PhD students funded with an assistantship cannot change to a MS program without approval of their advisor, department graduate director and the Sr. Associate Dean.
  • Students who exceed the 174 semester graduate credit limit, are ineligible for UGS/GIA and UGA support.  Any student who exceeds the 174 credit hour limit needs permission to receive funding.  A High Credit Limit Funding Form must be completed, approved and submitted to their funding department and GSO.  The form is available in 665 Baldwin Hall.
  • Students must be registered each academic semester they are on campus.  The only time a student does not have to be registered is if they will not be on campus at all during the semester.  Verification must be submitted to the GSO.
  • If you are going to drop and add classes, be sure to add the class BEFORE you drop a class. The best way of adding and dropping is to do it on an add/drop slip and not online.  Do not go above 18 or below 12 semester hours.  Refer to the above Withdrawal or Drop Dates for the amount of tuition you will be responsible for if you drop or withdraw from classes. 
  • If a clerical error is made in applying your UGS/GIA, our office will notify you of the error and you will be responsible for charges due (if any).  You are responsible for checking your bill and paying any outstanding balance.
  • If you register for any course outside of the CEAS or your program, you must have prior written permission (unless it is a written requirement for your degree.)
Important Withdrawal or Drop Information
Withdrawal or Drop Dates for UGS/GIA Responsibility Percent of tuition/fees you will be responsible to repay
Day 1 to Day 15 of the semester refund    (calendar days from the 1st day of the semester) 0%
Day 16 or after of the semester refund     (calendar days from the 1st day of the semester) 100%

Travel & Conference

Academic Integrity & Plagiarism

  • Student Code of Conduct
    Contains University of Cincinnati policy on academic misconduct.
  • What is Plagiarism?
    A presentation by Dr. Thomas Mantei on how to identify and avoid plagiarism.
  • Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism
    This document outlines resources available to help students understand and avoid plagiarism.
  • Graduating Student Plagiarism Pledge Form
    All graduating students must submit a signed copy of this form as part of their graduation requirements.
  • New Student Plagiarism Pledge Form
    All new graduate students must review the policy on plagiarism in the UC student Code of Conduct. Students must then submit a signed copy of the New Student Plagiarism pledge to the CEAS graduate office.