Energy, Environmental and Nanomedicine Lab

The Energy, Environmental and Nanobiomedicine Lab focuses on (1) nanomedicine for gene and drug delivery and (2) heterogeneous catalysis and separation for energy and environmental applications.


Mantei Center
2901 Woodside Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45221


Headshot of Joo-Youp Lee

Joo-Youp Lee

Professor, CEAS - Chemical Eng



Thesis and Dissertation Advisees


  • Mina Jafari (in progress)
  • Vishnu Sriram (in progress)
  • Yao Ma (in progress)
  • Can Li (in progress)
  • Zhouyang Liu (graduated in 2017; Dissertation Title: Heterogeneous Catalytic Elemental Mercury Oxidation in Coal Combustion Flue Gas; current placement: Merichem Company)
  • Zilan Zhou (graduated in 2017; Dissertation Title: Engineered Nanoparticles for Targeted and Controlled Drug Delivery, current placement: Shenzhen Neptunus Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Research Institute in China)
  • Jinsoo Kim (graduated in 2014; Dissertation Title: Effects of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon, pH, and Light on Growth and Lipid Accumulation in Microalgae; current placement: Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology in Korea)
  • Lei Cheng (graduated in 2013; co-advisor, Dissertation Title: CO2 Separation from Coal-Fired Power Plants by Regenerable Mg(OH)2 Solutions; current placement: Global Energy)
  • Xin Li (graduated in 2012; Dissertation Title: Mercury Oxidation and Adsorption over Cupric Chloride-Based Catalysts and Sorbents for Mercury Emissions Control; current placement: Process Systems Enterprise)


  • Vishnu Sriram (graduated in 2017; Thesis Title: Study of Reaction Kinetics of Elemental Mercury Vapor Oxidation; current placement: PhD at UC)
  • Carly Kennell (graduated in 2016; Thesis Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Co-Delivery Nanoparticles for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatment; current placement: Proctor & Gamble)
  • Apurva Badkas (graduated in 2014; Thesis Title: Modified Antibody for Targeted Drug Delivery and Reduced Immunogenicity; current placement: MS in systems biology at University of Luxembourg)
  • Zhouyang Liu (graduated in 2012; Thesis Title: Nitrogen Removal and Lipid Production from Secondary Wastewater Using Green Alga Chlorella vulgaris; current placement: PhD at UC)
  • Hari Bharadwaj (graduated in 2012; Thesis Title: CO2 Separation Using Regenerable Magnesium Hydroxide Solution; current placement: Trinity Consultants)
  • Emily Smith (graduated in 2012; Thesis Title: Conjugation of Anti-HER2 Monoclonal Antibody onto a PLGA-PEG Nanoparticles; current placement: Michelman, Inc.)
  • Bala Lingaraju (graduated in 2011; Thesis Title: Removal of Nitrogen from Wastewater Using Microalgae; current placement: UOP/Honeywell)