Materials Science & Engineering Graduate Program Faculty

Headshot of Beaucage, Gregory

Beaucage, Gregory


492 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-3063

Research Interests: Polymer Interfacial Properties, Scattering Theory, Semicrystalline Polymers, Polymer Thermodynamics and Chain Structure

Headshot of Iroh, Jude

Iroh, Jude

Professor, Director: PRC

498 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-3115

Research Interests: Conducting Polymers and Composites, Processing and Properties of Composites, Nanocomposites, Electrochemical Synthesis, Surface Coatings and Corrosion of Metals, Processing of Thin Films and Coatings.

Headshot of Paz y Puente, Ashley

Paz y Puente, Ashley

Assistant Professor

640 ERC

(513) 556-3133

Research Interests: Phase transformations; diffusion reactions and kinetics; diffusion coatings; Kirkendall effect, metallic microtubes, intermetallics; high temperature alloys; shape memory alloys; additive manufacturing; metallic scaffolds; X-ray tomography

Headshot of Roseman, Rodney

Roseman, Rodney

Accociate Professor

891 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-3187

Research Interests: Electronic ceramics with a focus on theoretical phenomenon in positive temperature coefficient of resistance materials. Medical Devices and Implants, Ceramic Composites, Microstructural/Property Relationships, Piezoelectrics

Headshot of Schaefer, Dale

Schaefer, Dale


501L ERC

(513) 556-5431

Research Interests: Using polymer science method to control cell growth and inhibition on surfaces as well as to prevent corrosion.  An expert on characterization of materials using x-ray and neutron scattering.  Teaches course on thermodynamics and advanced courses on polymers, colloids, corrosion, bio-materials and x-ray diffraction.

Headshot of Shanov, Vesselin

Shanov, Vesselin


580 ERC

(513) 556-2461

Research Interests: Synthesis, characterization and application of carbon nanotubes and graphene; Carbon nanostructured assemblages such as CNT arrays, sheet and thread; Biodegradable magnesium materials and devices for medical applications; Teaching nanoscale science and technology; Nanomaterials engineering. Renewable energy; Grand challenges in engineering

Headshot of Shi, Donglu

Shi, Donglu

Professor, Chair, The Materials Science and Engineering Program

493 Rhodes Hall


Research Interests: Design of Nanostructures; Structure-Property Relationships; Drug Delievery, Medical Imaging, Cell Targeting, Cancer Therapy; Nano Photonics, Magnetism, Photothermal Properties; Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering; Energy Materials and Devices

Headshot of Steiner, Matt

Steiner, Matt

Assistant Professor

635A Rhodes Hall


Research Interests: Phase transformations; metallurgy; intermetallics; chemical ordering; strain-effects on phase equilibria; materials characterization; thin film deposition; magnetic materials; crystallographic texture evolution; laser-material interactions

Headshot of Vasudevan, Vijay

Vasudevan, Vijay


501D ERC


Research Interests: Physical Metallurgy; Phase Transformations; Mechanical Behavior; Deformation Mechanisms; Creep; Structure-Property Relations; Transmission Electron Microscopy; Diffraction; Spectroscopy Intermetallics; High Temperature Alloys and Composites; Nanoscale Materials; Thin Films and Interconnect materials

Secondary Materials Science & Engineering Faculty

Headshot of Ayres, Neil

Ayres, Neil

Professor of Chemistry

902 Crosley Tower


Research Interests: Synthetic polymer chemistry, with an emphasis on controlled/"living" radical polymerization. Polymer bioconjugates and biomimetics. Polymerizations from surfaces. Stimuli responsive polymers.

Headshot of Dong, Junhang

Dong, Junhang

Professor of Chemical Engineering

694 Rhodes Hall


Research Interests: Microporous zeolite membranes and solid ionic thin films for molecular separations and membrane reactions; inorganic and inorganic-polymer composite ion separators for redox flow batteries; and gas-sensitive materials for harsh environment fiber optic chemical sensors.

Headshot of Fu, Yao

Fu, Yao

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

730 Rhodes Hall


Research Interests: Molecular dynamics simulation; Phase field modeling; Electro-thermomechanical properties of polymeric materials; Microstructure evolution control of additive manufacturing process; Electrochemical processes in batteries and fuel cells.

Headshot of Heikenfeld, Jason

Heikenfeld, Jason

Professor of Electrical Engineering

824 Rhodes Hall


Research Interests: Arrayed devices, rapid prototyping, electronic materials, electrowetting, microfluidics, and optics.

Headshot of Ho, Chia-Chi

Ho, Chia-Chi

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

684 ERC


Research Interests: Micropatterned biomaterials for tissue assembly, Biomaterials for directional cell self assembly, Membrane based bioseparations 

Headshot of Kim, Woo Kyun

Kim, Woo Kyun

Assistant Professor

497 Rhodes Hall


Research Interests: Atomistic modeling and computer simulation of materials systems, development of multiscale methods to span both length and time scales, simulating atomic force microscope (AFM) experiments to study atomic-scale friction.

Headshot of Millard, Ronald

Millard, Ronald

Professor Emeritus

5257A MSB


Research Interests: Molecular Dynamics In Heart Failure: cardiac muscle receptors and cytoskeletal proteins, programmed cell death molecules, and the regulation of norepinephrine release and recovery by adrenergic nerves. The studies utilize animal models with spontaneous and engineered genetic defects selected protein expression in cardiac muscle cells and in adrenergic nerves.

Headshot of Schulz, Mark

Schulz, Mark

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

408B Rhodes Hall


Research Interests: Smart materials; intelligent structures; active control; nanotechnology.

Headshot of Steckl, Andrew

Steckl, Andrew

Ohio Eminent Scholar & Carl Gieringer Professor of Solid State Electronics

839 Rhodes Hall


Research Interests: Electronic and photonic materials and devices, nano-materials, electrofluidics, microfluidics, biopolymers.

Headshot of Sundaram, Murali

Sundaram, Murali

Associate Professor

631 Rhodes Hall


Research Interests: Nano-manufacturing; nontraditional machining; micromanufacturing; hybrid machining; CAD/CAM; metrology; process simulation.

Headshot of Zhang, Peng

Zhang, Peng

Associate Professor

124 Crosley Tower


Research Interests: Nanomaterials; photodynamic therapy against bacteria and tumor cells; biosensing; enhanced spectroscopy; photon upconversion