Smufit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa is a world leading producer of paper-based packaging. They have facilities in 32 countries, including one production facility in Biganos, France, which manufactures kraft paper used with corrugated cardboard packaging.

The Visit

Our visit began with the most important thing first: PPE. After donning a hard hat, hair net, safety glasses, and a florescent vest, we headed out in to the plant. We walked through each stage of the paper making process, from the rinsing of the logs, to the “digester’ column, to the final giant rolls of paper at the very end. The facility makes 1365 tons per day of 100% recyclable paper per day, which are used for packaging industrial and food products.

Why go?

Visiting a major manufacturing plant is always intriguing. It’s the in-person version of “How It’s Made” and a behind the scenes look at a major indus-try in the world. The visit to Smurfit Kappa was not only interesting from an engineering perspective, it was also enlightening to learn about a global company and how it does its part to be a global citizen in an evolving manufacturing community. Smurfit Kappa’s actions support and contribute to an emerging world community that is more environmentally conscious and focused on energy use and consumption. For every tree that is cut down for production, Smurfit Kappa plants one in its place. Additionally, the company is very adamant about recycling process chemicals in pro-duction– 97% are currently recycled.

By Taylor Hembree