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University of Cincinnati Large Scale Test Facility

Located at Center Hill Research Center, the University of Cincinnati Large Scale Test Facility (UCLSTF) is a state-of-art laboratory for testing of large-scale structural members, components, and subassemblies. 

Large Scale Testing Facility interior

The laboratory is served by a 30-ton overhead crane with a 5-ton auxiliary hook, and two 60-gallon per minute (gpm) pumps that can be operated simultaneously to produce 120 gpm. This facility is equipped with computerized controllers capable of controlling up to simultaneous control of six actuators, data acquisition systems, and a comprehensive array of sensors to allow complex master-slave static and dynamic loading of large to full-scale structural components and systems. The laboratory has a variety of tension/compression servo controlled hydraulic actuators with capacities raging from 15 kips to 460 kips.

In addition to the main machine shops on the main campus, the laboratory has a machine shop for fabrication of specimens, test fixtures, etc. This unique laboratory is equipped to allow testing of full-scale bridge girders and other linear elements up to 108' long, and full-scale buildings up to 2 stories high. New concepts and systems can be evaluated at this facility.


Center Hill Research Center
5997 Center Hill Avenue 
Building B 
Cincinnati, OH 45224