Why study Nanoengineering?

Nanotechnology will be one of the key engines that drive our technological society in the twenty-first century. This rapidly growing area will enable a variety of novel engineering tools for efficient new energy storage and conversion, mechanical systems, aerospace structures, nano-photonics, semiconducting devices, electronics, biotechnology, medical diagnosis and therapy, and drug delivery. For instance, nanotechnology research has produced such materials as nano imaging agents for early cancer diagnosis, nano carriers for targeted drug delivery, nano composites for supercapacitors and advanced electrochemical energy storage devices; novel pulsed power capacitors for reducing the rate and rapid cycling demand on the batteries of hybrid/electric vehicles, and flexible, highly conductive, but low loss thin films for solar energy cells. All these developments in nanotechnology will require new knowledge in related materials and device applications. Thus, the training of students in the nanotechnology aspects of engineering for the next decade will present a major challenge in college level engineering education.

Admission Requirements

The Nano Engineering Minor program is implemented under the semester system. The focus of this program is to increase students’ knowledge of nanotechnologies so as to broaden their Co-Op experience, and to augment their job prospects. The minor is designed to be flexible so that diverse disciplines including all Engineering majors in CEAS at UC can tailor the courses taken under this program, as suited to their individual needs.

For more on Nanoengineering visit http://www.min.uc.edu/me/mse/academic-minors/nano-engineering-minor


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