Transportation and Infrastructure

Transportation and infrastructure focus on moving people and goods from one place to another, and the apparatus for modern living. The vehicles involved, the roadways, waterways, and airways used, the methods of propulsion used, and how buildings fit into each environment are a few of the subjects studied.

We still do not fully understand how different elements of cities interact with one another. We can try to understand how cities are wired and how to improve them, so that they withstand future catastrophes.”

Lilit Yeghiazarian Professor, Environmental engineering

Active Research Faculty

Headshot of Shaaban A Abdallah

Shaaban A Abdallah



Research Interests: Fluid dynamics

Headshot of Michael J Alexander-Ramos

Michael J Alexander-Ramos

Associate Professor-Educator


Research Interests: Whole vehicle design
Lab Website: Integrated Vehicle Design Laboratory

Research Interests: Testing and modeling of vibrations in structures
Lab Website: 
Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory

Headshot of George (Tom) T Black

George (Tom) T Black

Associate Professor of Practice Emeritus

Research Interests: Flight controls

Research Interests: Earthquake and fire-resilient steel structures

Headshot of Joseph James Corcoran

Joseph James Corcoran

Associate Professor


Research Interests: Smart structure monitoring

Headshot of Daniel R. Cuppoletti

Daniel R. Cuppoletti

Assistant Professor


Research Interests: Jet noise reduction

Headshot of Abhijeet Deshpande

Abhijeet Deshpande

Program Director


Research Interests: Automation in highway construction

Headshot of Peter J Disimile

Peter J Disimile

Assoc Professor


Research Interests: Fluid mechanics and heat transfer

Headshot of Ephraim J. Gutmark

Ephraim J. Gutmark

Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Ohio Regents Eminent Scholar


Research Interests: Experimental fluid mechanics

Headshot of Prashant Khare

Prashant Khare

Assoc Professor


Research Interests: Combustion systems and fluid dynamics

Headshot of Jongguen Lee

Jongguen Lee



Research Interests: Combustion and rocket propulsion diagnostics

Headshot of Richard A Miller

Richard A Miller

Professor, Department Head


Research Interests: Concrete transportation structures

Headshot of Munir  D.  Nazzal

Munir D. Nazzal



Research Interests: Environment-friendly transportation infrastructure

Headshot of George O. Okere

George O. Okere

Asst Dept Head, Associate Professor Educator, Heavy Civil Chair (Endowed Position)


Research Interests: Highway construction projects

Headshot of Paul D. Orkwis

Paul D. Orkwis



Research Interests: Jet noise reduction

Headshot of Gian Andrea A. Rassati

Gian Andrea A. Rassati

Associate Professor


Research Interests: Steel and steel-concrete structures

Headshot of Bahram M. Shahrooz

Bahram M. Shahrooz



Research Interests: Structures design and seismic analysis

Headshot of James A. Swanson

James A. Swanson

Associate Professor


Research Interests: Modeling and monitoring structures

Headshot of Ala Tabiei

Ala Tabiei

Assoc Professor


Research Interests: Vehicle crash testing

Headshot of Mark G. Turner

Mark G. Turner

Affiliate or Student for Research

Research Interests: Propulsion and flow simulation

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User not found User not found

Research Interests: Turbulence and combustion

Headshot of Sarah June Watzman

Sarah June Watzman

Assistant Professor


Research Interests: Vehicle energy efficiency

Headshot of Heng Wei

Heng Wei



Research Interests: Intelligent transportation systems

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User not found User not found

Research Interests: Structural dynamics and vibrations

Headshot of Lilit Yeghiazarian

Lilit Yeghiazarian



Research Interests: Urban flood management
Lab Website: Complex Systems & Processes

Transportation and Infrastructure Research News


UC researchers build data network to minimize flooding impact

December 2, 2020

A team of University of Cincinnati researchers is working to predict how flooding will impact cities and how to mitigate the resulting economic and human suffering. With the backing of a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation, UC associate professor of environmental engineering Lilit Yeghiazarian is leading phase two of the research project with a multidisciplinary team to create the Urban Flooding Open Knowledge Network. The network merges data that can provide reliable flood-related information to anyone who needs it.


Traffic of tomorrow

June 10, 2020

More driverless cars. More networked roads. More naps. UC is helping change how we drive.

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