Program Contacts

Headshot of Tom Huston, PhD

Tom Huston, PhD

Co-Director, Joint Cooperative Institute

(513) 556-2645

Headshot of Xiaoqun (Sherry) Liao, PhD

Xiaoqun (Sherry) Liao, PhD

Program Manager, Joint Cooperative Institute

(513) 556-5418


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Headshot of Fred Yauh-Huei Chiou

Fred Yauh-Huei Chiou

Associate Professor Educator, CEAS - Electrical and Computer Engineeri

813 Rhodes Hall


Dr. Fred Chiou obtained his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees, both in Electrical Engineering, from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1998 and 1985 respectively. Before teaching in the academia, he worked in the electronics and computer engineering industry for more than 20 years until 2011. After teaching at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering for two years, in July 2013, he joined Weber State University as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering Technology. In 2015, he served as the program coordinator of Electronics Engineering Technology program. He was promoted to Associate Professor in April, 2016. Dr. Chiou was awarded twice to participate the Visiting Faculty Program supported by Department of Energy for the research project related to renewable energy and microgrid at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in summer 2016 and 2017 individually. Dr. Chiou joined University of Cincinnati as an Associate Professor Educator in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in January 2018.
Headshot of Stephen Michael Ettorre

Stephen Michael Ettorre

Associate Professor - Practice, CEAS - Electrical and Computer Engineeri

Rhodes Hall


Headshot of David Allen Evenhouse

David Allen Evenhouse

Asst Professor - Educator, CEAS - Engineering & Computing Education



Dr. David Evenhouse is an Assistant Professor – Educator in the Department of Engineering and Computing Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. His previous research work centered on pedagogical change, examining the implementation and use of innovative teaching methods and learning resources with regard to student agency, faculty development, and institutional context. His post-doctoral work extended into workforce development, integrating findings generated from prior research and industrial partners with intentionally-aligned university programming. He intends to expand upon both his prior research, and its application, through his new faculty role at UC.
Headshot of Moncef Tayahi

Moncef Tayahi

Associate Professor Educator, CEAS - Electrical and Computer Engineeri

829C Rhodes Hall


I have consistently striven in my teaching and mentoring to achieve a balance between two goals: to train students for productive personal careers in industry, government, and academia in their immediate future, and to educate future leaders, entrepreneurs, and citizens in the long-term.
My research focuses on high speed electronic & photonic devices, circuits, and systems. I have focused on unraveling investigations of smart materials and devices by exploiting their electrical, chemical, and optical properties to establish general design rules independent of the substrate materials of choice or the processing technology. I developed photonic, microelectronics and optoelectronics devices, circuits, and systems; modeled, designed, fabricated & characterized various optical and optoelectronic devices, circuits and systems in the power electronics, sensor devices and systems. 
Headshot of Fu-Lin Tsung

Fu-Lin Tsung

Associate Professor - Practice, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

819C Old Chemistry Building


- 15 years industrial research and product development at GE Aviation
- 8 years government research at NASA Glenn Research Center
- Engineering simulation to design-tool integration and development
- Compressor stall and turbine aerodynamics
- Computational Fluid Dynamics and turbulence modeling
- Engine inlet/exhaust aerodynamics
- Fixed and rotary wing aircraft aerodynamics
- Secondary and leakage flow modeling
Headshot of Junqiu Wang

Junqiu Wang

Assistant Professor Educator, CEAS - Engineering & Computing Education

811D Old Chemistry Building


Headshot of Wei Wang

Wei Wang

Assoc Professor - Educator, CEAS - Mechanical Eng Tech

Rhodes Hall


Wei Wang has been working as assistant professor educator with eight years of experience teaching Mechanical Engineering courses with an emphasis on Engineering Mechanics. He has been promoted to Associate Professor Educator in 2023.
Headshot of Wei Wei

Wei Wei

Assoc Professor - Educator, CEAS - Electrical and Computer Engineeri



Headshot of Alex Michael Wouden

Alex Michael Wouden

Joint Coop Institute, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

4130M EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center