Aerosol and Air Quality Research Lab

The Air Quality Management/Air Pollution Control Program is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental program encompassing Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and the Institute of Environmental Health in the College of Medicine. The program began in 1967 in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering by the late Professors John Pattison and Charles Gruber. Over the years the program has graduated more than 400 Master's students and 55 Ph.D. students, and has developed an international reputation for quality research and training. The current faculty in the program is Dr. Mingming Lu.

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The program offers majors in either Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science. The former is for graduates with accredited undergraduate engineering majors who will focus on the engineering aspects of air pollution control. The latter is for graduates with science majors who will be emphasizing the physical and life science aspects of air pollution. A detailed explanation of the requirements for a non-engineer to enter the Environmental Engineering major is available on the website. Because the Program is interdepartmental, students have available air pollution courses from any of the three departments.

Further, the research laboratories of each department are open to student for thesis/dissertation research projects with approval of the faculty member responsible for the laboratory. This is especially important since the research work done in each laboratory has a different emphasis. The courses available in each department that are of most interest to air pollution students are listed on the website. The faculty research focus is on sustainable energy solutions that address concerns related to air quality, climate change, and energy production. Please consult with the program faculty for a description of current research activities.


Headshot of Mingming Lu

Mingming Lu

Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science