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Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Biomedical Engineering

  • Noyes Tissue Engineering and Biomechanics Laboratories
  • Ultrasound Research Laboratory
  • Vascular Tissue and Cellular Engineering Lab
  • Vontz Core Imaging Lab
  • Biomedical Accoustics Lab

Chemical Engineering

  • Adsorption and Ion Exchange Laboratory 
  • Atomic Materials for Catalysis Biomedical colloid Laboratory 
  • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Lab, Energy and Environmental Lab 
  • Catalytic Membranes and Coatings Lab 
  • Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory 
  • Energy and Environmental Laboratory 
  • Energy for Sustainability Labs 
  • Energy, Environmental, and Nanomedicine Lab 
  • Membrane Technology Lab 
  • Light Microscopy Lab 
  • Tissue Engineering Lab

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science

  • Complex Adaptive Systems Laboratory
  • Digital Design Environments Laboratory
  • Experimental Computing Laboratory
  • Integrative Biosensing Laboratory
  • Novel Device Laboratory
  • Microsystems and BioMEMS Laboratory
  • Microwave Communications Laboratory
  • MIND Laboratory
  • Multimedia Networking & Computing Lab
  • Nanoelectronics Laboratory
  • Solid State Physics & Electronic Materials Laboratory
  • Semiconductor Devices Laboratory
  • High Performance Computing Laboratory 
  • Synergistic Human-Robot Interaction Lab 
  • Spintronics and Vacuum Nanoelectronics Laboratory 
  • Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence 
  • Spatio-Temporal Data Analytics Lab 
  • Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics 
  • Wireless and Mobile Communication Lab 
  • Wireless Communications & Signal Processing Lab 
  • Software Engineering Research Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

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