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Preclinical and Human Lung MRI​ ​ Intersection of Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Radiology, and Pulmonary Medicine

Lung Imaging Standard of Care​

  • Computed Tomography
  • (CT or CAT Scan)​
  • Significant ionizing radiation​

MRI of the Lungs​

  • No ionizing radiation​
  • Historically low signal from lung​
    • Low density ​
    • Fast signal decay (<1 ms)
MRI of a heart

Standard Clinical Thoracic MRI Scan​

Standard Clinical Thoracic MRI Scan​
MRI of lung in mice

UTE of Disease Progression in Transgenic Mice w/ Lung Fibrosis​

3D MRI of Lung Function and Microstructure​

Atomic Physics In Pulmonary Medicine: Optical Pumping increases Xe MRI Signal >10,0000X Direction Imaging of Ventilation, Gas-Exchange, and Alveolar Size​

Graph showing red blood cells increase; lung mri


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Zackary Cleveland

Associate Professor-Affiliate, COM Pediatrics Pulmonary Medicine

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