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Engineering Education

The Department of Engineering Education (DEE) helps engineering students be successful in their educational programs and in their engineering careers. DEE’s mission is to assure the delivery of the highest quality teaching and learning experience to College of Engineering and Applied Science students with primary emphasis on the first and second year courses.

The department provides students with:

  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Advising 
  • Other support services
  • Research opportunities. 

Educators in the department teach fundamental courses in engineering, and administrators coordinate the teaching of calculus, physics and chemistry to engineering students.

First-Year Engineering Program (FEP)

The First-Year Engineering Program (Formerly Freshman Engineering Program) houses undecided students who are interested in the engineering field. If you know they want to pursue engineering, but undecided on a discipline you can apply directly to FEP. Rather than start in a specific program like mechanical or chemical engineering, FEP students have the flexibility to decide what they want to study later on in their college experience. After a semester or two at UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science, FEP students apply to transition to a major of their choice, a process based on their UC GPA and the courses they have taken.

Contact Us

For questions about undergraduate and graduate programs and degrees, live chat with us by clicking the "live chat" button at the bottom of your screen or email us:

Alumni Engineering Learning Center

The Department of Engineering Education is located in the Alumni Engineering Learning Center on the eight floor of Rhodes Hall. The Center provides an academic home for first-year students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, featuring wired classrooms, open study areas, mobile tables and chairs, white boards and a café area, as well as faculty offices. These facilities have an intentional focus on collaboration and learning.