Graduation Requirements

All forms applicable to your major are now available using the new Forms portal. Fill out, submit, and print using the link below. Any questions, please email


Complete an online graduation application for the term you plan to graduate in. There is a $50 application fee. Learn more about application dates and deadlines.

Graduation Checklist Guide

There are department requirements and Graduate School requirements. Please be sure to complete both.  

Department forms and information can be found at the engineering form button above.

Graduate School forms and information:

Master of Engineering (MEng) Students

All MEng students should refer to the MEng Handbook for forms and graduation procedures. If you have graduation questions please see Julie Steimle, 665 Baldwin Hall or email All GRADUATION forms must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the graduation ceremony date. Submissions after this date will not be accepted.

All Graduating Students

You are responsible to ensure that each action item on your Graduation Checklist is approved by the deadline stated. A green check mark will appear indicating the step is complete and approved. A red X will indicate that you have a problem and action is required. Do not contact the program unless the red X still appears one week prior to the deadline indicated. If you have grade changes required, your advisor/instructor can change grades on line going back 5 years. If the grades are older than 5 year the GSO office will send grade change forms to your advisor for thesis/dissertation changes. If you have a grade change required for a course it is your responsibility to get it resolved with the instructor. You are responsible to ensure all action items and grades are corrected and awarded for the current term. Unacceptable grades are SP, UP, UW, I, F, X or if a grade is not posted in Catalyst. If one of these grades are in your Catalyst at the end of the semester contact the instructor immediately. Please note if any action items or grade issues are not resolved your graduation will be canceled.