Where Will You Co-op?

Interested in a specific engineering role? A job in a niche field? A specific locale? Our co-op faculty will help you make the best match possible by aligning your interests and abilities with available co-op sites.

Co-op teaches students to work on a team in a variety of environments and how to effectively apply classroom knowledge in problem-solving. The coop faculty and industry partners play vital roles as students navigate through their program. While on the job, students are supervised by a company employer, who evaluates the student’s development and performance.

Students develop marketable skills for future employers and qualify for more responsibilities in career assignments after graduation. Companies like to hire graduates who will acclimate quickly—those who are already familiar with the working environment and understand the corporate culture.


Our students co-op with over 600 businesses, industries, research organizations, and governmental agencies located around the world. Due to Cincinnati’s community ties, the heaviest concentration of assignments tends to be in the Midwest. Companies like Procter & Gamble, Boston Scientific, and Dow are among our co-op employers. Based on the success of the co-op program and the quality of our students, new companies continually contact us to join the ranks of potential employers.


Headed to medical school or graduate school? Planning a career in research? Alternating classroom study with real, professional lab work can rapidly advance your development.

A University of Cincinnati research co-op allows you to work side-by-side with PhDs, MDs and graduate students – learning, earning, discovering and presenting your findings before you earn your bachelor’s.

Our research co-op students join teams conducting significant, peer-reviewed research in corporate, university and government labs across the globe. Labs include NASA, The Procter & Gamble Co. and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

College of Engineering and Applied Science research co-op includes opportunities to

  • Work side-by-side with leading experts
  • Publish in scientific and government journals
  • Graduate with a bachelor’s of science and a year and a half of work experience
  • Opt for dual admission with the College of Medicine
  • Earn $25,000+


We offer a program with an international option that enables students to co-op abroad in great countries like Japan and Germany. With this program, engineers can complete the same 5-year curriculum and gain valuable experience in the global marketplace.