Mechanical Engineering Scholarships & Assistantships

Faculty in Mechanical Engineering receives research funding from national agencies (NSF, DOE, NASA, DOD, EPA), as well as numerous industries. Research assistantships and teaching assistantships are available on a competitive basis.

Dr. Ron Huston Graduate Assistantship

The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) is pleased to initiate Dr. Ron Huston Graduate Assistantship to honor Dr. Ron Huston’s service to the faculty, staff, and students of the department. The purpose of this assistantship is to recruit exceptionally qualified graduate students in the Department of MME from the pool of new applicants.   

Application & Award Process

  • The award will be determined by the MME graduate studies committee based on nomination package and student’s qualification.
  • Students awarded the Dr. Ron Huston Graduate Assistantship will receive:
    • Year 1: MME will provide $25,000 stipend, standard UGS and tuition award.
    • Subsequent years: Advisor will provide $23,400 stipend and tuition award, and MME will provide a $1,600 stipend, standard UGS.

Jacob D. and Lillian Rindsberg Memorial Fund

The  Jacob D. and Lillian Rindsberg Memorial Fund was set up to provide fellowships to engineering students who desire to become educators. The purpose of this program is to recruit highly qualified U.S. citizens showing interest in academic careers.