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The ECE department thanks you for interest in joining our Electrical and Computer Engineering family. We offer two Master of Science degrees (M.S. in Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Computer Engineering), three Master of Engineering degrees (MEng in Electrical Engineering, MEng in Computer Engineering, and MEng in Software Engineering), and two Ph.D. degrees (Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering). The department also offers the ACCEND (ACCelerated ENgineering Degree) program which allows students to earn both a B.S. and M.S. degree in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering in the same amount of time as a standard B.S. degree. In addition, the department also offers multiple graduate certificates. View all programs and degrees.

We have a diverse student and faculty. The cost of living in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of lowest in the United States. Students that matriculate from our graduate programs secure full-time positions in industry with such companies as Amazon, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle, as well as academia positions in the United States.

Opportunities: TA positions (sponsored by the department) and RA positions (sponsored by ECE faculty) are available for new Ph.D. students starting in Fall 2023. Students interested in TA or RA positions are strongly encouraged to apply before December 30th, 2022. (Application Link, Application FAQs, Degree Information)

Note: the Ph.D. program in Computer Science and Engineering is jointly managed by ECE department and CS department. If a student intends to work with an ECE faculty, please chooses ECE department in the application and indicates name(s) of ECE faculty he/she would like to work with in application documents. The Ph.D. program in Electrical Engineering is solely managed by ECE department. Students interested in apply the Ph.D. program in EE are also encouraged to indicate name(s) of ECE faculty he/she would like to work with in application documents.

For additional information about graduate studies in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at University of Cincinnati, contact or visit:

CEAS Office of Graduate Studies
665 Baldwin Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221
Phone: 513.556.3647