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We transform society through disruptive discoveries at the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Students and faculty create bold, new solutions that impact everyday lives—think innovative manufacturing technology, life-saving devices, fitness tracking sensors, and preparing for the next pandemic. Our research touches every aspect of life, all in an effort to take our community to the next plateau. Next lives here.

Research pushes the boundaries of all our scientific and technical areas of endeavor. Our research accomplishments come from our dedicated faculty who never stop seeking new knowledge, and our students who are the future of engineering.

Gautam Pillay Associate Dean of Research

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Please contact us for more information about research opportunities for students; proposal development support, partnership, sponsorship, collaboration development; or environment, health, and safety questions.

Headshot of Gautam Pillay

Gautam Pillay

Associate Dean of Research


Headshot of Andrea Grisell

Andrea Grisell

Health and Safety Professional

Headshot of Katy Markley

Katy Markley

Research Program Manager

Headshot of Mary Nauman

Mary Nauman

Research Development Specialist

Headshot of Laura F Pinelo

Laura F Pinelo

Health and Safety Director


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