First-Year Engineering Program (FEP)

The First-Year Engineering Program (formerly Freshman Engineering Program) is designed to help you achieve your goal of becoming an engineer or engineering technologist. 

FEP is a one-year program designed to successfully transition students into engineering or engineering technology majors. Rather than starting in a specific program (i.e. Chemical Engineering), FEP students have the flexibility to decide what they want to study later in their college experience. Undecided high school students can apply directly to FEP. In addition, the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) may refer top-tier engineering applicants to FEP. 

After one to three semesters in CEAS, FEP students can apply to transition to their major of choice as long as they meet the FEP Criteria. The Department of Engineering Education provides FEP students with unique opportunities, resources, and support networks to encourage their successful transition into a best-fit major.

Benefits of the First-Year Engineering Program (FEP)

Guaranteed Admission

FEP students are guaranteed admission to all CEAS programs if they meet the criteria listed on the FEP Criteria page

Advising and Mentorship

The First-Year Engineering Program Academic Advisor advises 200-230 students each year compared to a 400:1 college-wide ratio. This means that the FEP Academic Advisor can provide a high-level of individualized support, proactive advising, and success skill development during students’ first year. In addition, every FEP student is assigned to a faculty Career Mentor to serve as an additional guide during their first year at UC. 

College Inclusion

The First-Year Engineering Program is housed in the Department of Engineering Education in CEAS; this means that FEP students are already in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. As such, FEP students are included in all college communications, events, and activities. 

Choosing a CEAS Major

Undecided and exploring students with a strong interest in engineering and engineering technology will be well-supported on their journeys to find their best-fit majors at UC. Events like Engineer Your Major and resources such as My Majors are integrated into the FEP student experience to help students get the most out of their time in the program.

Transitioning to a Major from FEP

FEP students have up to three academic semesters to meet the FEP Criteria for their applied program(s). 

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