Accelerated Engineering Degree (ACCEND)

The Accelerated Engineering Degree (ACCEND) program is a great opportunity to enhance your education by earning a bachelor's and master's degree in 5 years. 

Generally, approval for the ACCEND program takes place after the completion of two academic semesters and is based on your academic record.  Some select students may be invited to join earlier.

I have not decided whether or not I would like to pursue a PhD or to try and find a job in the market, but the ACCEND program has given me the educational foundation to pursue either route with confidence.

Joe Wright, ACCEND Student

How is the program set up?

In order to accelerate the completion of the undergraduate degree, there are four primary means used:

  • AP Credit that satisfies curricular requirements
  • Completion of college level courses while in high school
  • Register for an on-line course during co-op term
  • Participation in Cooperative Education for four, rather than five, terms in order to complete an additional academic semester

What graduate degrees are available in ACCEND?

Master of Science (MS)

The ACCEND programs that offer an undergraduate degree in engineering along with the Master of Science in an engineering discipline will appeal to students interested in research and greater depth in a particular engineering field.

These students often go on to PhD programs or work in fields that require more specialized knowledge. The MS ACCEND track culminates in a research experience and thesis.

Master of Science (MS) Cosmetic Science

The ACCEND program that offers an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering along with the Master of Science in Costmetic Science at the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The ACCEND programs that offer an undergraduate degree in engineering along with the Master of Business Administration at the Lindner College of Business will appeal to students who want to understand both the technical side of an organization and the business aspects of the organization. Students seek this program because it increases their value to an organization and prepares them to take on a management role earlier in their careers. Tuition and fees for the MBA program through ACCEND are managed by the Lindner College of Business. Students should discuss costs with an LCB advisor.

Master of Engineering (MEng)

The ACCEND programs that offer an undergraduate degree in engineering along with the Master of Engineering will appeal to students interested in greater breadth in engineering and want to focus on the practice of engineering.

These students often are seeking pragmatic skills and knowledge that will allow them to improve the contribution they make to a technical organization. The MEng provides a traditional coursework based master’s and does not include a thesis component.

Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (MEd)

The ACCEND programs that offer an undergraduate degree in engineering along with the Master of Curriculum and Instruction will appeal to students who have an interest in teaching in high school, middle school, or possibly community college.

The program provides the rigorous technical education of the engineering degree along with the teaching skills and certifications needed to work in education.

ACCEND Program Advisers

Adding the MS, MEng, or MBA program

Applying to the MS, MEng, or MBA program

ACCEND Students must have an open graduate program so graduate courses count toward that degree.  That requires ACCEND students apply to the Graduate School prior to taking any graduate level courses. Students should apply to the graduate program the semester before they are ready to take their first graduate course.  Instructions for applying to the Graduate program are provided below.  Both the undergraduate and the graduate programs will be open – students will register for graduate classes in the graduate career, and undergraduate classes in the undergraduate career.

Important Billing Information

  • When a student registers for 6 or fewer graduate level semester hours, tuition and fees will be at the undergraduate level.
  • When a student registers for 7 or more graduate level semester hours, tuition and fees will be at the graduate level.

Course planning is of critical importance. Students should take no more than 6 grad credits any semester prior to the 5th year

  1. Go to Catalyst and create an account
  2. Once you have the account login, go to the program choice  
  3. Search for the program by college
  4. Select the proper College for your graduate degree program
  5. Select the proper graduate program
    For Engineering programs
     Select the Fall term Application deadline – August 15th
    For the  MBA program
     select the appropriate term  Application deadlines – Fall – August 1st; Spring – December 1st; Summer – April 1st
  6. Select Full-time
  7. For the question - Are you a current UC undergraduate student who is applying for an Accelerated Integrated Masters (AIM) Program?  Select - YES  (AIM is what the grad school calls ACCEND)
  8. Click Continue

Academic History section

  1. You are filling in information related to your undergraduate degree.  Indicate level of study as undergraduate, degree as baccalaureate, and dates from when you started through the current date.  You will also need to indicate the expected date of the conferral of your bachelor’s degree.
  2. Provide your electronic signature - Confirm - Review - Click Submit
  3. ** ACCEND students Do Not need to provide transcripts – the Degree Audit should be uploaded and attached to the application.  When you receive your confirmation email – it will ask again that you send in transcripts – you do not have to do this step.  

For information on the application process contact the following people:

  • ACCEND students who take more than 6 credit hours of graduate coursework prior to the 5th year are in jeopardy of losing federal financial aid (this is not a UC decision, it is dictated by the federal government)
    • Once you are in your 5th year you have accumulated sufficient credits so that you can be eligible for federal aid for graduate students
    • If a student does not need federal financial aid there may be exceptions to this rule
  • Undergraduate tuition and fees will be billed for a student who is taking both GR and UG classes – when the GR classes total no more than 6 hours, Federal Financial Aid will not be affected

CEAS MS and MENG programs

  • University Graduate Scholarships (UGS) are given to ACCEND students for the last 1 or 2 terms of the program – students must be enrolled in 7 or more graduate credits each term to qualify
    • Students must complete a University Graduate Scholarship form and return to CEAS Graduate Studies Office - 665 Baldwin Hall.
  • For Academic Year 20-21 the UGS award for in-state student in the MS program is $4711 The UGS award for in-state student in the MENG program is $2265

MBA Program

  • Students with a 3.5 undergrad GPA at the time of transition are eligible for the 3.5 scholarship award.
  • To be eligible, students must be in their final year, and must be taking a minimum of 7 semester hours of MBA courses.

    *** Some undergraduate scholarships will carry over after a student becomes a graduate student.  ACCEND students should discuss this with their advisor.


  • You will need to apply to graduate from both programs and you will pay the graduation fee twice
  • You cannot graduate from your Graduate Program before you graduate with your undergraduate degree, but you can graduate from both programs in the same term, or your BS program one term, and your MS, MENG, or MBA a later term