What is Materials Engineering?

The primary responsibility of most engineers is the design and manufacture of industrial components and products. These products, be it a machinery or device, are usually comprised of engineering materials. Thus, an essential component of any engineering project is materials science and engineering, regardless of the discipline involved.

Engineers with a background in materials science invariably find enhanced professional growth, and demonstrate greater versatility and employability. This is aptly illustrated by job listings in the state of Ohio, in which “Materials Engineering” is the second most common keyword after “Mechanical Engineering”. These numbers reflect a nationwide trend, as shown by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which projects a 9% annual growth rate for positions in materials engineering over the next decade. A program of study in materials engineering is thus increasingly relevant in any engineer’s educational experience and as a valuable, career-boosting component of a professional CV.

Admission Requirements

The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.