Sinner Lab

The Sinner lab aims to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the patterning of the mammalian respiratory tract during normal development and its relevance to congenital disease. ​

Research Focus

Diagram of an esophagus

We are focused on finding answers for four critical questions:  ​

  • How does the developing respiratory tract epithelium induce differentiation of mesenchymal lineages, including muscle, cartilage, and vasculature of the large airways and the lungs? ​
  • How are the muscle and cartilage established in the developing trachea and bronchi? ​
  • Are there genetic components of human trachea and bronchi malformations? ​
  • How many of the mechanisms/genes identified in the mouse are also mediating trachea and bronchi formation in humans? ​


Headshot of Debora Sinner

Debora Sinner

Research Associate Professor-Affiliate, COM Pediatrics Pulmonary Biology

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