Energy Materials and Nano-Biomedicine Laboratory

The Laboratory for Energy Materials and Nano-Biomedicine investigates fundamental materials structures and properties for energy and biomedical applications. For energy materials, the research focuses on developing novel structures, via design and computer simulation, for modulated physical properties such as photonics, dielectrics, and magnetics. 

One of the NSF-funded projects deals with spectral-selective, photon-activated new structures for efficient energy materials. Another project supported by The Ohio Federal Research develops nanocomposite soft magnetic alloys to provide a highly power dense magnetic core with low losses. The research includes rapid solidification, crystallization, and fine powder processing for excellent quality materials.

For Nano-Biomedicine, the research activities deal with design of nanostructures that enable successful cell targeting for:

  • Tumor therapy
  • Medical imaging by quantum dots
  • Photothermal ablation of cancer cells
  • Drug/gene delivery by novel designs and intelligent triggering mechanisms


Headshot of Donglu Shi

Donglu Shi

Professor, CEAS - Materials Science & Engineering

493 Rhodes Hall


Dr. Donglu Shi is currently the Chair and Graduate Director of the Materials Science and Engineering Program and a Graduate School Fellow at the University of Cincinnati. For Dr. Shi's research programs, please visit: