Fall 2020 Courses

Materials Science courses offered Fall 2020

Course #

Course  Name


Nanoscale Science and Technology

MTEN 4034

Polymer Chemistry

MTEN 5110L

Phys Prop Solids

MTEN 5113

Introduction to Smart Structures

MTEN 5197

Mechanical Behavior of Materials


Fundamentals of Materials

MTEN 6010L

Phys Prop Solids

MTEN 6013

Intro to Smart Structures

MTEN 6081

Modeling Materials

MTEN 6097

Mechanical Behavior of Materials


Additive Manufacturing

MTEN 7010C

Advance Materials Techniques

MTEN 7032C

Polymer Analysis and Characterization

MTEN 7035

Advanced Thermodynamics

MTEN 7094

Fundamentals of Polymer Science

MTEN 8000

Solidification Processing of Materials

MTEN 8060

MEng Caps Proj

MTEN 8071

Seminar in Matl Eng

MTEN 9071 MS and PhD research in Materials Engineering