Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, located in 430 Rhodes Hall, is a spacious, well-lighted, air-conditioned laboratory used to perform geotechnical engineering testing. Equipment and space is provided so that all students are given hands-on, real-world experience performing, interpreting, and applying geotechnical engineering tests.

students working in Soils Lab

An active, collaborative workspace is provided for students. A recent and significant laboratory upgrade included new, mobile furniture to create a team-based environment. Investment in new equipment ensures that all students can use the same apparatus as that used in industry. Students understand testing procedures, perform the tests, interpret the data, and apply in engineering design.

The laboratory space allows students to classify soils for engineering purposes and obtain parameters for permeability, compressibility, and strength. 

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory major equipment

  • Four Humboldt direct shear testing machines with data acquisition
  • Four Humboldt consolidation testing systems with precision loading control and data acquisition
  • 50 kN InstroTek SmartLoader Frame suitable for both asphalt and soil compression tests
  • GDS Instruments full Environmental Triaxial Testing System suitable for frozen soil testing, High Pressure Testing and High and Low Temperature Testing
  • InstroTek SmarTracker Hamburg Wheel suitable for AASHTO T-324 and requirements of NCHRP 20-07 Project 361
  • Humboldt L.A. Abrasion Machine with sound deadener 
  • Triaxial shear testing system
  • Cyclic triaxial testing systemDlurry permeameter (for hydraulic conductivity testing of soil slurries)
  • Unconfined compression testing apparatus
  • Free swell apparatus
  • Multiple systems for soil classification including Casagrande, Mary Anne Sieve Shaker and Fall Cone Apparatus
  • Equipment for processing of both disturbed and undisturbed soil samples with Shelby Tube pneumatic extruder 


Headshot of Matthew David Sleep

Matthew David Sleep

Assoc Professor - Educator, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

791 Rhodes Hall