Design Clinic

The Design Clinic offers a multi-disciplinary capstone design course for CEAS seniors in disciplines including mechanical engineering, materials engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering.

Companies submit design projects at the end of fall semester. Faculty then review these projects for content and suitability. Student teams work on their solutions from January to June, with full access to the University's resources and research facilities. Companies defer some of the administrative costs by paying a nominal fee and direct expenses.

The Design Clinic experience stimulates and challenges senior students by enabling them to work on real industrial problems of practical importance. In this way, industries participate in the education and training of the students. In turn, the students often create new processes, systems and products for local industry.

Creative brainstorming, critical thinking skills and team dynamics are facilitated through a variety of laboratory activities. Students sharpen their communication skills by practicing presentation and technical writing methods. As senior students practice and apply their technical expertise and academic skills with the practical design problems, they prepare themselves for the workplace.

For more information, contact UC mechanical engineering professor and Design Clinic director Tom Huston, PhD at (513) 556-2645 or