Student Co-op Stories

The co-op program is successful because our students are successful. Students gain career perspective that can't be learned in a classroom while earning a paycheck. Discover what co-op has to offer you—directly from our students.

I came to UC to get real-world experience and it has not disappointed!"

Hannah Weiss Mechanical Engineering '22

Hannah Weiss, '22

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Marion, OH

"Throughout my co-ops I’ve not only gained great experience, but I was also treated like a full engineer. My first co-op semester I worked on a set of quality documents that are now the standard at Cooper plants worldwide. I’ve also been able to travel with every company I’ve been with to different plants and suppliers. Both companies I’ve worked with have been great and helped with housing expenses. I came to UC to get real-world experience and it has not disappointed!"

Hannah's Co-op Resume

Student in a shop holding a tire
  • Cooper Tire and Rubber Company (Corporate Quality): Findlay, OH
  • Cooper Tire and Rubber Company (Passenger Tire Development): Findlay, OH 
  • Honda East Liberty (Product Development): East Liberty, OH 

Meghna Gupta '20

Major: Computer Engineering
Hometown: New Delhi, India

"I worked in two different countries and four different cities for my co-op experiences. I had the opportunity to travel, meet new people and apply classroom knowledge to real-life problems. I had supporting employers that ensured moving to a new place was easy and covered all the expenses for it."

Meghna's Co-op Resume

Meghna Gupta, computer engineering class of 2020, standing with a group of her colleagues, dressed in business attire.
  • The Lubrizol Corporation – Wickliffe, Ohio (Manufacturing Automation)
  • Icertis
  • KLH Engineers
  • HP


Ryan Muir '20

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio

“My co-op experience at BASF has taught me an entirely new set of skills that simply can't be learned in a classroom. I feel twice as prepared to enter the workforce and know that companies recognize this fact too. In terms of experience and return on investment, there is no substitute for the co-op program at UC.”

Ryan's Co-op Resume

Ryan Muir, chemical engineering class of 2020, on co-op at BASF corporation
  • BASF (Process Development Lab and Production Engineering): Cincinnati, Ohio


Sarah DePage '20

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Granville, Ohio

"I appreciate how co-op is integrated into our curriculum because it gives us real-world experience with industry and the interview process prior to graduation. At McWane Ductile, I was able to create engineering solutions to increase machine efficiency, safety, and performance in addition to being a part of lean manufacturing events. At Avery Dennison, I lead and facilitated continuous improvement events and cross-functional team projects by understanding the current state and creating sustainable solutions."

Sarah's Co-op Resume

Sarah Depage in front of an Avery Dennison sign
  • McWane Ductile (Manufacturing Engineer Co-op) 
  • Avery Dennison (Enterprise Lean Sigma Co-op)
I appreciate how co-op is integrated into our curriculum because it gives us real-world experience with industry and the interview process prior to graduation.

Sarah DePage Biomedical Engineering, '20

Addison Gepfert '20

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

"I spent two rotations at Atricure on two different product teams. I worked on the cryogenic team and involved in meetings about the future direction the company can take—even as a co-op student. I was given the opportunity to travel to our Minnesota office with another co-op student to run and complete testing that was required for FDA and other regulatory body submissions. I was constantly collaborating with quality, manufacturing, labeling, and regulatory departments to ensure that our project could continue on schedule without any avoidable issues."

Addison's Co-op Resume

Addison Gepfert posing with the Bearcat
  • Zimmer Biomet (Development Co-op Extremities): Warsaw, IN  
  • Atricure (Two rotations): Mason, OH

Alex Rodrigues, '20

Major: Architectural Engineering
Hometown: Mason, Ohio

“Through the co-op program at UC, I have been able to apply the theory learned in lecture to actual mechanical design work in the real world. Having a paid professional experience adds a sense of seriousness and reality to your overall work environment. From an employer’s standpoint, they are more apt to fully utilizing your capabilities because you are on their payroll and are therefore held to a certain standard of providing outcomes and results for that company. Having a paid experience means a lot more cash in your pocket. Co-op has personally helped me a tremendous amount in funding my educational expenses."

Alex's Co-op Resume

Student standing in the street
  • BHDP: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • CMTA Consulting Engineers: Washington D.C.  and Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Atelier Ten: New York City 

Lydia Breitenstein '20

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

"I lived in Vancouver, BC for a summer to work for RecycleSmart through the International Experience Program. RecycleSmart is a tech company that aims to make recycling more efficient and easier for large scale businesses while focusing on sustainability and saving money. I learned what it takes to run a new business, how to work professionally with people from around the world, and to think creatively about different ways to market their company. Aside from work, I love being outdoors so I was sure to include lots of hiking, mountain biking, wind surfing, and bungee jumping in my free time."

Lydia's Co-op Resume

Lydia Breitenstein in front of a Recycle Smart logo on a desk
  • RBI Solar: Cincinnati, OH
  • EMCOR Services: Cincinnati, OH
  • RecycleSmart Canada: Vancouver, British Columbia

Benjamin Marquez '20

Major: Computer Engineering
Hometown: Bethel, Ohio

“Although it was intimidating at first, moving away from home and stepping out of my comfort zone allowed for me to learn more about myself, as well as experience more during my co-op. Stepping into ongoing projects provided the challenge of not only learning about the project itself, but also to learn the skills required to contribute to it. You never truly know how the skills learned in class will be utilized until you step into the field and see them being used.”

Benjamin's Co-op Resume

Benjamin Marquez, computer engineering class of 2020, his professional headshot (he is in a suit and is wearing stylish frames)
  • Marathon Petroleum (Network & Unified Communications): Findlay, Ohio
  • Marathon Petroleum (IT Security & Compliance): Findlay, Ohio
  • Siemens Corporation (Controls System Engineering): Mt. Vernon, Ohio


Ian Harty '20

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Canton, Ohio

“Growing up I always wanted to study engineering but also had aspirations to become an orthopedic surgeon. Through my Co-op at Ethicon I was able to work on medical devices that are shaping the future of surgery. It's great to have access to a program that allows you to expand your knowledge outside of the classroom but to also give me the opportunity to work on products that can improve someone's life by making surgery safer and faster for the patients and surgeons.”

Ian's Co-op Resume

Ian Harty, biomedical engineering class of 2020 on co-op at Ethicon
  • Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Blue Ash, OH: (Design Engineer Co-op)


It's great to have access to a program that allows you to expand your knowledge outside of the classroom but to also give me the opportunity to work on products that can improve someone's life.

Ian Harty, Biomedical Engineering '20

Lizzy William '20

Major: Environmental Engineering
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

“Co-op has allowed me to branch outside my comfort zone and explore business, engineering, and professionalism in ways a classroom could never teach me. I have gained confidence through asking questions and presenting ideas to co-workers, and learned valuable problem solving skills.”

Lizzy's Co-op Resume

Lizzy Williams, environmental engineering class of 2020 on co-op at GE Aviation.
  • GE Aviation (EHS): Cincinnati, Ohio
  • GE Aviation Norwich (Infrastructure): Ronkonkoma, New York


Madison Alvarez '20

Major: Environmental Engineering
Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

"Through co-op, I have been able to live in three different cities within the past year. Each place I've moved has allowed me to explore different jobs and career possibilities as well as new parts of the United States; I have gained so much experience and have become a better person and professional because of it.”

Madison's Co-op Resume

Madison Alvarez, environmental engineering class of 2020 on co-op at GE Aviation in Florida.
  • GE Aviation (Environmental Health and Safety): Jacksonville, Florida
  • GE Aviation (Environmental Health and Safety): Lynn, Massachusetts


Ty Bealer '21

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

“I have been able to continue to grow as an individual through my co-op experience. Co-op has opened my eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead. In my first rotation, I already learned an assortment in operations, manufacturing, and process engineering."

Ty's Co-op Resume

Ty Bealer, chemical engineering class of 2021, posing in front of the Engineering Research Center as the sun sets.
  • BASF: Cincinnati, Ohio


Megan Naber '21

Major: Environmental Engineering
Hometown: Montgomery, Ohio

“Coming into college, I was worried about being overwhelmed by the different format of classes. However, the countless free resources that the university provides truly set me up for success and allowed me to not only achieve but exceed the goals I had set for myself academically. As a result, I have been able to receive my dream co-op opportunity and cannot wait to begin this experience in the spring semester of 2018."

Megan's Co-op Resume

Megan Naber, environmental engineering class of 2021, hiking in the woods
  • GE Aviation: Evendale, Ohio


Joey Cheff '21

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Wadsworth, Ohio

“UC's engineering program has set me ahead of the curve in the job market. Because they get me on the job experience so early on in my academic career, I can really get a feel for what career path is for me before it's too late. The balance between academics and professional experience that UC's engineering program provides is impeccable."

Joey's Co-op Resume

Joey Cheff, mechanical engineering class of 2021, pictured next to the large "Toyota" sign, which is where he co-ops.
  • Toyota: Georgetown, Kentucky


Katey Faber '20

Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Avon Lake, Ohio

Intelligrated and Honeywell have given me countless opportunities to learn and grow in a professional environment. I designed electrical systems, in both the United States and Canada, for many recognizable corporations such as Amazon, Walmart, and UPS. I traveled to an Amazon site, where I had first-hand experience testing and troubleshooting real-world electrical devices. My co-op at Intelligrated provided confirmation that I have chosen the correct career path for my future.

Katey's Co-op Resume

Katey Faber, electrical engineering class of 2020, travelled to Texas for her co-op
  • Intelligrated: Houston, Texas


My co-op provided confirmation that I have chosen the correct career path for my future.

Katey Faber, Electrical Engineering '20

Pardlyida Mensah '20

Major: Environmental Engineering
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

“I have definitely gain a more mature perspective on what I want to do with my life after college through my Co-op experiences. I feel very prepared for my full time job after graduation."

Pardlyida's Co-op Resume

Pardlyida Mensah, environmental engineering class of 2020, headshot
  • Procter & Gamble: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Toyota: Georgetown, Kentucky


Mohanad Maqbali '20

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Ibri, Oman

“I had the opportunity to work on things that interest me at DyStar. Everybody is friendly and kind. This makes me feel that I am not away from home. I learned a lot of professional and personal skills that helped me in my workplace and my life."

Mohanad's Co-op Resume

Mohanad Maqbali, chemical engineering class of 2020, on his co-op assignment at DyStar, wearing safety glasses
  • DyStar: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Emerald Performance Materials: Cincinnati, Ohio


Sean Kane '20

Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Avon, Ohio

“I worked with mechanical, electrical, and nuclear engineers to develop a remote camera option for one of our nuclear facilities. I learned about design, purchasing, security measures, development, and troubleshooting during my co-op rotation. I was able to learn a tremendous amount from working in a high-class facility with truly remarkable engineers."

Sean's Co-op Resume

Sean Kane, electrical engineering class of 2020, pictured in front of the Idaho National Laboratory sign. There is snow on the ground.
  • Idaho National Laboratory (INL)


Charley Goodwin '20

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

“I absolutely loved my co-op experience. I worked with a team that actually was working on a brand new humanitarian device for above the knee amputee victims. I had the opportunity to work on the creating the surgical technique, writing out the steps and modeling images in a 3D program. I got to go to a cadaver lab to test out the technique with my team as well as to take pictures of the real device to improve the 3D images. After, I met with a military surgeon panel to help advise on further improving the surgical technique. My team challenged me to get more involved in their project everyday and I am very excited to return in the fall!"

Charley's Co-op Resume

Charley Goodwin, biomedical engineering class of 2020, she is pictured standing in front of the Global Knee Team sign at Zimmer Biomet
  • Zimmer Biomet (Global Knee Team): Warsaw, Indiana


Emily Schneider '20

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

“Co-op has allowed me to build my professional skills and become comfortable in a leadership position. I have worked with mechanics and operators to decrease the downtown of machines. I have also gotten the privilege to see the business side of manufacturing, and have learned that I love the hands on experience."

Emily's Co-op Resume

Emily Schneider, mechanical engineering class of 2020, posing in front of a creek
  • L'Oréal (Packaging department): Florence, Kentucky
  • L'Oréal (Logistics department): Florence, Kentucky 


Co-op has allowed me to build my professional skills and become comfortable in a leadership position.

Emily Schneider, Mechanical Engineering '20