Co-op students at Atricure in Mason, Ohio.

Student Co-op Stories

Discover what co-op has to offer you—directly from our students. Our renowned co-op program at the University of Cincinnati is successful because our students are successful. You'll gain career perspective that can't be learned in a classroom while earning a paycheck. 

Headshot of Lynzie Romero

Lynzie Romero

Electrical engineering '22

"The co-op program helped me find my niche in the engineering world. The companies I co-oped with allowed me to work on many different projects and through trial and error, I was able to find that I’m passionate about working on embedded systems. Thanks to the co-op program, I am able to get a head start in my career and can pick out the projects I know I will be passionate about."

Lynzie's Co-op Experience

  • ICR Inc.
  • L3Harris Technologies

Headshot of Craig Lair

Craig Lair

Construction management '21

“I wanted to take advantage of that hybrid between taking all the technical, business, and management classes, which is a combination that makes the UC construction management program unique. [And] my co-ops have done a good job setting me up to hit the ground running for my full-time job at Robins & Morton.”

Craig Lair's Co-op Experience

  • Danis: Cincinnati
  • Pirtle Construction: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Robins & Morton: Miami, FL

Headshot of Yulia Martinez

Yulia Martinez

Computer Science '23

“From software development to data science and analysis, I’ve had a really wide range of experience within the two companies. I participated in creating scripts that will be used well after my term and knowing that I’ve been able to help the business even after I leave [that] has been really rewarding. I’m going to go into my field really confident in my abilities thanks to these opportunities.”

Yulia's Co-op Experience

  • 84.51
  • Worldpay
  • Marathon

Headshot of Chloe Yeagley

Chloe Yeagley

Chemical Engineering ‘24

“In my time at UC, I have met so many people who I know will help me succeed in my personal and professional endeavors. I did my first co-op at DuBois Chemicals in the Cincinnati area as an Applications Engineer in Surface Finishing. It was a very hands-on experience and I gained so much knowledge about the company and how to work in a professional environment.”

Chloe's Co-op Experience

  • DuBois Chemicals: Applications Engineer in Surface Finishing (Cincinnati)

Headshot of Kathryn Jordan

Kathryn Jordan

Environmental Engineering '24

“Choosing to go to UC was one of the best decisions I have made! It has given me so many great opportunities and introduced me to my best friends. Co-op has been important to me because it’s let me work with industry leaders and get real world, meaningful experience. It also allowed me to explore what my different interests are and what career path I would like to take. 

Kathryn's Co-op Experience

  • GE Appliances: Louisville, KY

Headshot of Ty Bealer

Ty Bealer

Chemical engineering '21

“I have been able to continue to grow as an individual through my co-op experience. Co-op has opened my eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead. In my first rotation, I already learned an assortment in operations, manufacturing, and process engineering."

Ty's Co-op Experience

  • BASF: Cincinnati, Ohio

Headshot of Hannah Weiss

Hannah Weiss

Mechanical engineering '22

"Throughout my co-ops, not only gained great experience, but I was also treated like a full engineer. My first co-op semester I worked on a set of quality documents that are now the standard at Cooper plants worldwide. I’ve also been able to travel with every company and both companies have helped with housing expenses. I came to UC to get real-world experience and it has not disappointed!"

Hannah's Co-op Experience

  • Cooper Tire and Rubber Company (Corporate Quality): Findlay, OH
  • Cooper Tire and Rubber Company (Passenger Tire Development): Findlay, OH 
  • Honda East Liberty (Product Development): East Liberty, OH 

Headshot of Megan Naber

Megan Naber

Environmental engineering '21

“Coming into college, I was worried about being overwhelmed by the different format of classes. However, the countless free resources that the university provides truly set me up for success and allowed me to not only achieve but exceed the goals I had set for myself academically. As a result, I have been able to receive my dream co-op opportunity."

Megan's Co-op Experience

  • GE Aviation: Evendale, Ohio
  • GE Aviation: Clearwater, FL
  • Greenacres Foundation: Cincinnati

Headshot of Joey Cheff

Joey Cheff

Mechanical engineering '21

“UC's engineering program has set me ahead of the curve in the job market. Because they get me on the job experience so early on in my academic career, I can really get a feel for what career path is for me before it's too late. The balance between academics and professional experience that UC's engineering program provides is impeccable."

Joey's Co-op Experience

  • Toyota: Georgetown, Kentucky
  • Seneca Engineering
  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Joey at Toyota

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I’ve been able to help the business even after I leave [that] has been really rewarding. I’m going to go into my field really confident in my abilities thanks to these opportunities.

Yulia Martinez Computer Science, '23

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