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The best way to see how the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) can help you reach your personal, educational, and professional goals is to visit campus. Make a reservation for a comprehensive UC visit and learn about UC’s engineering and applied science programs by signing up for a UC Preview and College Close-Up at UC’s admissions site.

A UC Preview and College Close-up involves a general presentation of UC, a general tour of UC, a presentation overview of the college of engineering and a tour of CEAS. On Tuesdays, this also includes a question and answer session with a panel of current CEAS students; on Fridays, this includes a department talk with a faculty representative of your major of interest.

Customized tours and individual visits are also available. Please call or email for details: 513-556-5417,

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Headshot of Emily Rawers

Emily Rawers

Director of Student Recruitment

653A Baldwin Hall

(513) 556-0025

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Costina Luc

Program Coordinator

653 Baldwin Hall

(513) 556-4868

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Clayton Trette

Program Coordinator , Enrollment Management

653 Baldwin Hall

(513) 556-4659