Info for Current Undergraduate Students

Please submit an e-petition to request review and approval of variations from your academic plan (e.g., request to substitute a course, to take a course while on co-op, or to swap co-op rotations).  Submitting an e-petition will automatically trigger a series of approval requests and/or notifications, depending upon the stated purpose of your request.  You will receive an email notification (at the address you provide in the form) when the request is either noted, fully approved, or rejected.  Please allow at least two weeks for petitions to move through the approval process.  If you have not received any response after two weeks, please contact your Academic Advisor.

*You may have difficulty completing the e-petition if you are using accessibility software that is incompatible with MS Forms.  If you cannot submit an e-petition, you may complete the appropriate fillable Microsoft Word document instead. Please submit the form to your academic advisor either in person or via email to start the appropriate review and approval process for your request.

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