Nanoworld Laboratory People

Post Doctors and Research Associates

  • Dr. Noe Alvarez, Post Doctor studying synthesis characterization and application of carbon nanotube materials. He brings experience gained during his PhD study in Chemistry at Rice University, post doctoral stay at the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute in Japan, and  industrial exposure in the field of composite nanomaterials.
  • Dr. Weifeng Li, Post Doctoral Scholar studying carbon nanotube material synthesis utilizing multi physics, novel reactor design, material characterization and material application.
  • Dr. John Yin, Program Manager for the NSF  Engineering  Research Center for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials. He studies biodegradable materials and devices, smart implants and corrosion.
  • Dr. Albert Song, Post Doctoral Scholar studying the mechanical, thermal, and electrical characterization of polymeric composites and nanocomposites.

Graduate Students


  • Guangqi Zhang - Researching single crystal growth and characterization as well as biodegradable magnesium for medical applications, surface modification and corrosion control.
  • Lu Zhang - Researching graphene and its aplications in energy storage, sensors and electromagnetic shielding.
  • Mark Haase - Researching the synthesis and application of carbon nantubes, with special interest in spinability and related properties.
  • Pravahan Salunke - Researching single crystal growth of magnesium and its applications in biomedical implants.
  • Rachit Malik - Researching cabon nantoube yarn/sheet and processing nanotubes through wet chemistry and plasma functionalization.
  • Seyram Gbordzoe - Researching carbon nanotube applications in heating materials.
  • Tarannum Tiasha - Researching the design and fabrication of biodegradable magnesium implants for biomedical applications.


  • Chenhao (Andy) Xu - Researching biodegradable stent design, FEA simulation and manufacturing for medical applications.
  • Derek DeArmond - Researching graphene and its applications in the fields of energy storage, synthesis/material modification, bio and environmental sensors.
  • Dineshwaran Vijayakumar - Researching additive manufacturing and the application of nanocomposites in 3D printing.
  • Madhura Joshi - Researching material characterization, polymer chemistry, corrosion science and magnesium single crystal as a biomaterial.
  • Ruitao Su - Researching scaleable carbon nanotube synthesis assisted by electromagnetic fields.
  • Yonghai Zhang - Researching smart, biodegradable implants, device manufacturing and in vivo & vitro corrosion control.