Nanoworld Laboratory People

  • Dr. Qichen Fang, Received Ph. D. in Materials and Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton. Joined Nanoworld as a Post doctor in 2022 in MSE. Project: “Integration of Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Active Textile Systems in Personal Protective Equipment for the Ohio Fire Service”
  • Maliha Marzana, PhD-Enrolled 2023, (MSE)

Topic: “Fabrication and Advanced Applications of Nanocarbon Fibers

  • Prakash Giri, PhD-Enrolled 2022 (MSE)

Topic: “Synthesis and Applications of Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Materials”.

·       Ayush Raut, MS-Enrolled 2022, (MSE)

Topic: “Synthesis and Doping of 3D Graphene for Thermoelectric Application”.

  • Kyle Brittingham, MS-Enrolled January 2021, (MSE)

Topic: “Cool Helmet for firefighters using carbon heat spreader and Thermoelectric”.

  • Vamsi Krishna Reddy Kondapalli, PhD-Enrolled 2019, (ME/MSE)

Topic: “Synthesis and Property Enhancement of 3D Graphene Materials for Advanced Applications”.

  • Kavitha Joseph, PhD-Enrolled 2019, (MSE)

Topic: “Structural and compositional tailoring of nano carbon macro assemblages  for electrochemical  applications”.

  • Mahnoosh Khosravifar, PhD-Enrolled 2019, (MSE)

Topic: “Nitrogen-Doped Hybrid Structure Based on Three-Dimensional Graphene”.

·       Manjeera Vinnakota, PhD-Enrolled 2019, (ME)

Topic: “Design and Investigation of a Hydraulic Cutting Module for a Medical                Millirobot”.

  • Guangqi Zhang, PhD-Enrolled 2013 (MSE)

Topic: “Growing of Magnesium Single Crystal from Melt by Bridgman Method”.

  • Dr. Pujari, Anuptha, Topic: “Investigating Catalyst Composition, Doping, and Salt Treatment for Carbon Nanotube Sheets, and Methods to produce Carbon Hybrid Materials”.
  • Dr. Chauhan, Devika, Topic: “Hybrid Carbon Nanotube Fabric for Shielding Ionizing Radiation.”
  • Pradeep Benedict Thomas Gerard, Topic: “Modeling and Simulation of Cardiovascular Stents”.
  • Ting Huang, University of Taiwan, Joint program with UC, Topic: “Three-Dimensional Graphene for Biosensors”.
  • Amani Russell, Topic: “Carbon Nanotube Materials for Membrane Applications”.
  • Colin McConnell, Topic: “Carbon Nanostructured Materials for Sensor and EMI Shielding”.
  • Dr. Yanbo Fang, Topic: “Porous Nitrogen-Doped CNT-Three-Dimensional Graphene Matrix as a Lithiophilic Current Collector for Stable Lithium Metal Batteries”,
  • Tsung-Che Hsieh, Topic: “Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene-Based Li-S Batteries”.
  • Bala Subramanya Pavan Kumar Kandala, Topic: “Design, Simulation and Testing of Photo-Chemically Etched Biodegradable Stents”.
  • Siddharth Mishra, Topic: “Plasma CVD of Carbon Nanotube Materials and Their Advanced Applications”.
  • Dr. Adusei Paa Kwasi, Topic: “Synthesis and Characterization of 3D Graphene Structures for Energy Storage Applications”.
  • Dr. Yu-Yun Hsieh, Topic: “Carbon Nanostructured Materials for Advanced Applications”.
  • Dr. Sathya Narayan Kanakaraj, Topic: “Fabricating and Post-Processing of CNT Thread with Improved Mechanical and Electrical Properties”.
  • Derek Dearmond, Topic: “Synthesis and Characterization of 3D Graphene Structures”.
  • Tiasha Tarannum, Topic: “Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Photochemically Etched Magnesium Stents for Medical Applications.”
  • Dr. Seyram Gbordzoe, Topic: “Nanostructured Materials-Synthesis and application.”
  • Dr. Ng, Vianessa, Topic: “Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Fabric for Firefighter Garments.”
  • Anantharaman, Devanathan, Topic: “CFD Modeling of the Pyrolysis Reactor for CNT Synthesis.”
  • Khwaja, Moinuddin, Topic: “Carbon nanotube sheet for structural health monitoring and thermal conductivity in laminated composites.”
  • Xu, Chenhao, Topic: “Design and Simulation of a Magnesium Based Biodegradable Stent for Hemodialysis Application.”
  • Hou, Xiaoda, Topic: “Modeling Firefighter Apparel with Integrated Carbon Nanotube Fabric Layers for Cooling.”
  • Jaswal, Priya, Topic: “Health Monitoring of Large Composite Structures.”
  • Su, Ruitao, Topic: “Multi-Field Physics for the Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Yarn and Sheet.”
  • Vijayakumar, Dineshwaran, Topic: “Manufacturing Carbon Nanotube Yarn Reinforced Composite Parts by 3D Printing.”
  • Xu, Chenhao, Topic: “Design and Simulation of a Magnesium Based Biodegradable Stent for Hemodialysis Application.”
  • Dr. Hou, Guangfeng, Topic: “Multiphysics Gas Phase Pyrolysis Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Yarn and Sheet.”
  • Krishnaswamy Arvind, Topic: “Substrate Engineering to Control the Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes.”
  • Dr. Hehr, Adam, Topic: “Embedded Carbon Nanotube Thread Strain and Damage Sensor for Composite Materials.”
  • Dandino, Charles, Topic: “Condition Monitoring Sensor for Reinforced Elastomeric Materials.”
  • Sullivan, James, Topic: “Advanced Personal Protection Technology Using Carbon Nanotube Textiles for Firefighters and First Responders.”
  • Dr. Kinshuk Dasgupta, Fulbright Scholar from India, studying synthesis and characterization of hybrid carbon nanostructured materials for energy applications.
  • Li Jibao, Visiting PhD student from the School of Material Science and Technology, Shenyang University of Technology, China, studying magnesium-based stent for medical applications.
  • Prof. Rui Lobo, Visiting scholar from New University of Lisbon, Portugal, studying power harvesting from carbon nanostructured materials.
  • Prof. Dr. Yu-Feng Zheng, Visiting Scholar from Peking University, China, studying magnesium-based bioegradable materials for implant applications.
  • Qingyue Yu, Nanjing College of Chemical Technology, China, studying improvement the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube thread and sheet by chemical crosslinking.
  • Dr. Nilajan Mallik, Visiting Scholar from the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, India, studying spinning carbon nanotubes into thread. 
  • Dr. Weifeng Li, Post Doctoral Scholar studying carbon nanotube material synthesis utilizing multi physics, novel reactor design, material characterization and material application.
  • Dr. John Yin, Program Manager for the NSF Engineering Research Center for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials. He studies biodegradable materials and devices, smart implants and corrosion.
  • Dr. Albert Song, Post Doctoral Scholar studying the mechanical, thermal, and electrical characterization of polymeric composites and nanocomposites.
  • Dr. Vibhor Chaswal, Post Doctoral Scholar studying growing of magnesium single crystal from melt by Bridgman method.
  • Dr. Noe Alvarez, Post Doctoral Scholar studying improvement the strength and electrical conductivity of carbon nanotube materials through optimized synthesis and post-treatment. 
  • Dr. Supriya Chakrabarti, Post Doctoral Scholar studying production scale up of CNT synthesis.
  • Dr. YeoHeung Yun, Post Doctoral Scholar studying nanomedicine and sensor development.
  • Dr. Lu Zhang – Research on graphene and its applications in energy storage, sensors and electromagnetic shielding.
  • Dr. Pravahan Salunke – Research on single crystal growth of magnesium and its applications in biomedical implants.
  • Dr. Rachit Malik – Research on cabon nantoube yarn/sheet and processing nanotubes through wet chemistry and plasma functionalization.
  • Dr. Seyram Gbordzoe - Research on carbon nanotube applications in heating materials.
  • Tarannum Tiasha – Research on the design and fabrication of biodegradable magnesium implants for biomedical applications.
  • Dineshwaran Vijayakumar - Researching additive manufacturing and the application of nanocomposites in 3D printing.
  • Madhura Joshi - Researching material characterization, polymer chemistry, corrosion science and magnesium single crystal as a biomaterial.
  • Ruitao Su - Researching scaleable carbon nanotube synthesis assisted by electromagnetic fields.
  • Yonghai Zhang - Researching smart, biodegradable implants, device manufacturing and in vivo & vitro corrosion control.
  • Ge Lucy Li, Topic: “Mechanism of CNT Growth by CVD Using Composite Catalysts”.
  • Rutvij Kotecha, Topic: “Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Plasma System for Materials Processing and Environmental Applications.
  • Mark Haase, Topic: “Mechanism of CNT Growth”.
  • Meixi Zhang, Topic: “CVD Synthesis of Graphene”.
  • Dr. Goutham Kirikera, Topic: “A Structural Neural System for Health Monitoring of Structures.”
  • Saurabh Datta, Topic: “Active Fiber Composite Continuous Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring.”
  • Sri Laxmi Pammi, Topic: “Carbon Nanocomposite Materials.”
  • Suhasini Narasimhadevara, Topic: “Processing of Nanocomposites Based on Epoxy and Carbon Nanotubes.”
  • Dr. Yeoheung Yun, Topic: “Nanotube Sensors and Actuators in Mechanics and Medicine.”
  • Ramanand Gollapudi, Topic: “Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Chemical Vapor Deposition and Processing of Epoxy Nanocomposites.”
  • Atul Miskin, Topic: “Bulk Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Chemical Vapor Deposition for Smart Materials Applications.”
  • Gautam Seth, Topic: “Adjustable Gap Micro-Electrode Biosensor.”
  • Vishal Shinde, Topic: “Development of a Data Acquisition System and Piezoelectric Sensors for An Experimental Structural Neural System.”
  • Sachin Jain, Topic: “Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes and Development of Remote Actuators
  • Dr. Inpil Kang, Topic: “Carbon Nanotube Smart Materials.”
  • Madhura Patwardhan, Topic: “Tissue-Based Diagnostics and Corrosion Control of Biodegradable Implants Using Electrochemical Techniques.”
  • Bolaji Suberu, Topic: “Multi-Scale Composite Materials with Increased Design Limits.”
  • Bradley Ruff, Topic: “Carbon Nanotube and Nanoparticle Materials for Electromagnetics Applications.”
  • Maruthi Amardeep Sri Vatsavaya, Topic: “Damage Detection in Composite Materials Using Carbon Nanotube Threads as Sensors.”
  • Brian Williams, Topic: “Applications of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy In In Vivo Corrosion Monitoring and Tissue Discrimination.”
  • Dr. Yi Song, Topic: “Multifunctional Composites Using Carbon Nanotube Fiber Materials.”
  • Joseph Kluener, Topic: “Spinning and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Thread for Thermally Conductive Textiles.”
  • Maheshwari Gunjan, Topic: “Carbon Nanocomposites for Industrial Applications.”
  • Sai Lalitya Mullapudi, Topic: “New Techniques in Structural Health Monitoring using Continuous Sensors.”
  • Andrew Gorton, Topic: “Synthesis of Super-Long Carbon Nanotube Arrays by Chemical Vapor Deposition.”
  • Vasudevan Raghavan, Topic: “Effect of Interface, Density and Height of Carbon Nanotube Arrays on Their Thermal Conductivity: An Experimental Study.”
  • Anshuman Sowani, Topic: “Exploration of Electromagnetic Assisted Spinning and Electrical Annealing of Carbon Nanotubes.”
  • Mitesh Oswal, Topic: “Analyzing the Corrosion Behavior and Evaluating the Mechanical Integrity of Biodegradable Magnesium Implants.”
  • Surya Narayanan Sundaramurthy, Topic: “New Sensing Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring of Hydraulic Hose, Composite Panels, and Biodegradable Metal Implants.”
  • Rajiv Venkatasubramanian, Topic: “Composite Nanoparticle Materials for Electromagnetics.”
  • Goutham Raghavendra Kirikera, Topic: “A Structural Neural System for Health Monitoring of Structures.”
  • Gregory Jon Stelzer, Topic: “A Magnetorheologic Semi-Active Isolator to Reduce Noise and Vibration Transmissibility in Automobiles.”