Public Transportation

Traveling through France

Getting around through France, as well as the rest of Europe, is both easy and cost effective. You will find a travel station in nearly every city, and travel maps are always easily accessible. Just choose a method (i.e. Eurail, metro/RER, bus, tram) and off you go to see all the wonderful sights!

Why You Should Have This Experience

Navigating through a foreign city is a huge step in becoming a global citizen, especially in Europe. In the U.S., we are so used to having cars to take us everywhere. Most of Europe uses public transportation, so becoming familiar with the system is important if you plan on traveling around the world. There are also various benefits to the European public transportation system for a college student who wants to live abroad, such as not needing a car, being able to travel far distances for cheap, contributing to less pollution into the environment, and sitting in less traffic.

Public Transportation

My Rewarding Experience

A few friends and I decided to travel to Versailles during one of our free days, which is about an hour outside of Paris. This was the first time we followed the metro lines without guidance from our faculty leader. Once we got to Versailles, the best feeling was knowing that we could navigate through France ourselves. I felt more independent and global, and I think everyone should experience this, especially for those who are planning to live abroad.

Typical Methods of Transportation & Cost Per Voyage:

  • Eurail (train): ~6€
  • Metro/RER: ~2€
  • Bus: ~2€
  • Tram: ~2€


  • No need for a car
  • Affordable for a college student
  • Better for the environment
  • Less traffic

By Cayley Severino