Modeling and Simulation

Using models to simulate processes and gather data. Then use that data to improve the product or process at a lower cost than actually performing the process.

Testing new air bags through real-life crash tests could be time-consuming, expensive—even dangerous. Modeling and simulation finds that same information virtually, in very little time, with no smashed cars to make the physical world efficient, cost-effective, and safer.

Frank Gerner, Professor Mechanical Engineering

Active Research Faculty

Headshot of Sam Anand

Sam Anand

Professor, Director - Siemens PLM Simulation Technology Center


Research Interests: Manufacturing systems, Industrial IoT

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Janet Jiaxiang Dong



Research Interests: Design for manufacturing

Headshot of Frank M Gerner

Frank M Gerner

Professor, Senior Associate Dean


Research Interests: Manufacturing simulation

Headshot of Xiaodong   Jia

Xiaodong Jia

Principal Investigator @ Lab for Intelligent Metrology Systems


Research Interests: Smart manufacturing

Headshot of Prashant Khare

Prashant Khare

Assoc Professor


Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Droplet Modeling, Hypersonics

Research Interests: Acoustics and vibration controls

Headshot of Gui-Rong Liu

Gui-Rong Liu



Research Interests: Finite Element Methods, Multi-Physics Simulation

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Paul D. Orkwis



Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, Lattice Boltzmann methods

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User not found User not found

Research Interests: Modeling, friction, simulation

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