Siemens Simulation Technology Center


UC-Siemens Simulation Technology Center was established by generous gift of Siemens PLM to University of Cincinnati. The Center aims at modernizing Engineering Education and Research by taking full advantage of modern simulation and computing power. Specifically . . .

Engineering Education

Multi-physics simlation example shoting solution time of 0.01 seconds and pressure

Multi-physics simluation example

  • Nurture engineers who can collaborate across disciplines by utilizing modern engineering toolsTeach simulation technology in multiple courses starting from freshman courses
  • Improve student learning in fundamental courses by connecting theory to realistic engineering applications
  • Develop students’ ability to tackle engineering problems beyond text book examples
  • Instill a habit in students to utilize simulation technology in all aspects of engineering: design, experiment and development
  • Vertical, systematic integration of engineering courses from freshmen computer graphics course to
  • senior capstone design course


Example, freshmen engineering graphics project

Example, freshmen engineering graphics project

  • Develop and conduct simulation based research in collaboration with industry partners
  • Solve complicated, large-scale multi-physics problems
  • V&V and Simulation-Test Correlation
  • Improve Simulation Technology and Software

Contact us if you want to collaborate with us in engineering education or research.