Technical Electives

Meet with your advisor before taking any technical electives!


The Aerospace Engineering program requires nine (9) semester credits of Technical Electives, which should be chosen as follows:

  1. A valid Technical Elective is any technical Engineering, Math, or Physics course at the 3000 level or higher that does not repeat required undergraduate material. A course will not be allowed if it is on a list of unacceptable courses that will be maintained by the Aerospace Engineering Curriculum Committee. For other special cases, a petition is required.
  2. Undergraduate Research credits are encouraged, particularly for those students anticipating graduate school. Up to 3 semester credits of Undergraduate Research (plus 3 additional credits possible by petition to the Aerospace Curriculum Committee) may be applied to the Technical Electives requirement.

The following courses are listed unacceptable as Technical Electives (as of summer 2014):

  1. All ENGR courses other than Engineering Economics (because they are non-technical)
  2. AEEM6067 Technology Law (also non-technical)
  3. All 3000-level Physics courses except Astronomy (repeat much required UG material)
  4. All 3000-level Math courses except 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, 3005.

Undergraduate Research Credits

Students who meet the requirements are encouraged to take Undergraduate Research credits (20-AEEM-5035) as part of their Technical Elective sequence for independent research work done in collaboration with an Aerospace faculty member. Learn more about Undergraduate Research.

Recently-Completed Courses for Technical Elective Credits

Students should meet with their advisor to plan their Technical Elective sequence(s). Some possible courses, but this is not an exhaustive list:

  • AEEM3007 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • AEEM5035 Undergraduate Research
  • AEEM5073 Special Topics
  • AEEM5101 Advanced Strength
  • AEEM5111 Turbine Combustion
  • AEEM5115 Modern Control
  • AEEM5122 Optimal Control
  • AEEM5176 Modeling Complex Systems
  • AEEM5196 Fuzzy Control Systems 
  • AEEM5198 Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • AEEM5199 Sys Eng Analysis 
  • MATH3001 Intro to Abstract Math
  • MATH3002 Intro to Analysis 
  • MECH5011 Packaging Technology and Machi 
  • MECH5012 Lean Manufacturing
  • MECH5123 CAD for Manufacturing
  • MECH5131 Introduction to Robotics
  • MECH5135 Intelligent Systems
  • MECH5176 Supply Chain Management for En
  • MET5013 Six Sigma
  • PHYS3041 Topics in Astronomy 
  • PHYS4025 Introduction to Astrophysics
  • PHYS5020 Intro to Quantum Mechanics I
  • PHYS5021 Intro to Quantum Mechanics II
  • AEEM5092 Advanced Aircraft Performance
  • AEEM5112 Gas Turbine Combustion
  • AEEM5092
  • AEEM5112
  • MECH5174 Quality Control
  • MECH5103 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics 
  • MECH5031 Renewable Energy Systems