Backing Up Research Data

In the event you are not currently backing up your research data*, as an option, faculty may use UCIT’s enterprise storage for this purpose.  This storage is hosted by UCIT staff and managed by CEAS OCC.  The intent of this storage is to provide researchers an enterprise solution for them to back up their research data.  It should be noted that this storage is not encrypted storage, and therefore if encryption is required, the data would need to be encrypted before backing it up.   

Each research faculty will be provided 1TB of storage to be funded by the college.  Storage needed above 1TB will need to be funded by the faculty/department.  Costs related to data backup is considered an indirect cost, and therefore cannot be directly billed to research grants and contracts.  An RIA account is permissible. 

Accessing Research Data Backup Storage:

Once you connected to the UC network, use the following information for accessing Research Data Backup Storage:

* There are regulations, contract provisions and policies that require research data to be protected, secured and backed up off site.  For your reference you may review the following for more information of some regulation guidelines and policies, provided by UCIT Information Security.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recommendations that covers all aspects of data backups. 

Visit UC’s data security policies for more information.