Cooperative Education (Co-op)

Through the cooperative education program (or "co-op" as it is widely known), our students practice their future profession in real employment environments—starting right after their first year at UC.

Cooperative education is an educational model in which students alternate traditional academic semesters with semesters spent working full-time in their chosen field. By integrating the academic curriculum with paid, on-the-job experiences, we offer our students a comprehensive engineering education based in real-world application.

Co-ops are designed to introduce our undergraduate students to the professional engineering environment. Co-op students preview their potential career path—and determine if they are heading in the right direction.

Co-op positions are paid and are offered by a variety of organizations all over the country and the world.  Students complete between three and five co-op semesters prior to graduation. On the year-round co-op schedule, students complete at least a year of professional engineering experience, gaining first-hand knowledge of professional practices and advancement opportunities.

You practice what we teach.

For more information on co-op and other experienced-based learning at UC, visit the Experience-Based Learning and Career Education page.