Alumni Co-op Stories

Megan Naber '22

Image of Megan Naber, Class of 2022

Environmental Engineering, ACCEND M.S.
Cincinnati, Ohio

“My co-ops are the reason I was able to actually figure out what I wanted my career to be post-graduation. For my first two co-op rotations I worked for GE Aviation. I gained valuable insight on working for a larger company. For my third co-op rotation, I worked as a research intern locally for the Greenacres Foundation in Cincinnati doing agricultural and ecological research. For my last rotation, I worked for the Wendell lab at UC and assisted with a project with the Ohio Department of Transportation. I learned about the research process, and it made me realize I wanted to commit to a career in this field. Had it not been for these co-ops, I would not have realized what my true career goals are.” 

Co-op Experiences

  • GE Aviation – Clearwater, FL
  • GE Aviation – Long Island, NY
  • The Greenacres Foundation – Cincinnati, OH
  • The University of Cincinnati, Wendell Lab – Cincinnati, OH


Vladimir Miskovic '23

Image of Vladmir Miskovic, Class of 2023

Mechanical Engineering
Novi Sad, Serbia

“I completed all five of my co-op rotations at Leoni wiring systems. I stayed with Leoni because they gave me a lot of different opportunities in different roles and travel opportunities. During my third rotation I moved to North Carolina, where I worked with Caterpillar as well. The two aspects of co-op that I found most valuable were the opportunities to work on real world problems and the connections I’ve made.” 

Co-op Experiences

  • Leoni Wiring Systems – Columbus, IN; Raleigh, NC; and Braga, Portugal


Rebecca Gilligan '23

AIAA SciTech conference Thursday, January 26, 2023. (© 2023 Michael Connor / Connor Studios)

Mechanical Engineering, ACCEND M.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio

“For three of my four co-ops, I was at UC’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Multi-Agent Systems Technology Research (UAV MASTER) Lab doing unmanned aerial vehicles research. I found with this co-op that I really enjoy research. It gave me a chance to be hands on, but to also direct what I was learning and what I was working on. Research co-ops are worth it because of all the experience you get. I’ve had the freedom and the opportunity to take projects from the start and advance them very far. I’ve learned systems engineering, flight testing, systems design, and much more. The research co-ops have set me up very well for my graduate program and beyond.” 

Co-op Experiences

  • U.S. Naval Research Laboratory – Washington, D.C. 
  • UC Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Multi-Agent Systems Technology Research (UAV MASTER) Lab – Cincinnati, Ohio


Rickey Terrell '19

Rickey Terrell, chemical engineering class of 2019, is pictured with a tie and button up shirt in his headshot.

Chemical Engineering
Mason, Ohio

I loved getting the opportunity to work on research projects for both of my co-op experiences. All of the work that I was completing was integral in producing a final product and it made me feel like I was a valued employee instead of just a co-op student. Both experiences also helped me become comfortable with failure in a scientific environment. Instead of seeing them as a negative, I learned how to view experimental failures as an opportunity to pursue a new idea.

Co-op Experiences

  • Cornerstone Research Group – Beavercreek, OH
  • University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH (Fuel Cell Research)


Kareem Elgafy '19

Kareem Elgafy, chemical engineering and ACCEND MBA class of 2019, on co-op at Marathon

Chemical Engineering, ACCEND MBA
Dayton, Ohio

Co-oping at Marathon has been one of my best life choices. I am constantly challenged with intriguing problems and have gotten the opportunity to work on complex projects. The mentality of “we treat you like a full-timer” is the reason I continued to return to Marathon for more co-op terms. One of my favorite aspects about Marathon is that I’ve had the freedom to rotate between different locations and departments. In my most recent co-op I was able to work in the business side of engineering, which is something I see myself going into long term. I’m excited that co-op has helped me identify my dream job and dream company! #ProudlyMarathon

Co-op Experiences

  • Marathon Petroleum – Canton, OH (Tech Services)
  • Marathon Petroleum – Houston, TX (Advanced Process Control
  • Marathon Petroleum – Findlay, OH (Supply Distribution and Planning)


Alexia Gaines '19

Alexia Gaines, electrical engineering and ACCEND MBA class of 2019 away on study abroad in Seoul, South Korea.

Electrical Engineering, ACCEND MBA
Cincinnati, Ohio

One of the best parts of co-op is the variety of experiences you can have! Each co-op rotation has challenged me in unique ways (research, industry, and international exposure), and I’ve had the chance to do everything from design and programming to building and testing. I’ve grown personally, professionally, and academically, while getting paid to do so!

Co-op Experiences

  • WISE Research Program & Protégé Research Program, University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH
  • Study Abroad, Experiential Exploration Program (EEP), Korea University – Seoul, South Korea
  • Standex Meder Electronics – Cincinnati, OH


Natasha Sutton '19

Natasha Sutton, environmental engineering class of 2019, on her first co-op in China

Environmental Engineering
Massillon, Ohio

My very first co-op I got to go to across the world to China. I only knew one phrase in Mandarin, "Ne how ma," which means, "Hello, how are you?" This experience taught me that language barriers exist, but they don’t have to stop me. During my time abroad, I realized that I want to work internationally when I graduate. Also, authentic Chinese food is fantastic!

Co-op Experiences

  • University of Cincinnati - ChongQing, China (Teaching Assistant)
  • Greater Cincinnati Water Works - Cincinnati, Ohio (Lab Tech)
  • Milacron Plastics LLC - Mt. Orab, Ohio (EHS Onsite Lead)


Hannah Carson '19

Hannah Carson, chemical engineering class of 2019, pictured with a mascot on co-op at Kellogg's

Chemical Engineering
Franklin, Ohio

Through the co-op program I have gained hands-on experience in two different industries. This has helped me to narrow down what I want to do when I graduate and has provided me with experience that future employers will value."

Co-op Experiences

  • AstraZeneca - West Chester, OH (Packaging Engineering Co-op)
  • Tim Horton Children's Foundation - Campbellsville, KY (Volunteer Co-op)
  • Kellogg's - Cincinnati, OH (Manufacturing Reliability Intern)
  • Kellogg's - Cincinnati, OH (Finance Intern)


Dustin Carter '19

Dustin Carter, aerospace engineering class of 2019, posing in front of a giant jet engine

Aerospace Engineering
Fairfield, Ohio

Co-op has been an invaluable aspect of my engineering education here at the University of Cincinnati. Obtaining real world experience, supplemented with my classroom knowledge, allows me to develop new and more refined skills. I feel much more confident in my ability to perform in the industry. Co-op has assured me that I am very excited about my future career in aerospace and has already propelled me towards my goals."

Co-op Experiences

  • GE Aviation - Lynn, MA (Engine Operability)
  • GE Aviation - Evendale, Ohio (Military Inlets and Exhaust Mechanical Design Team)
  • GE Aviation - Evendale, Ohio (Large Military Mission Based Team)


Gabrielle Notorgiacomo '19

Gabrielle Notorgiacomo, biomedical engineering class of 2019, zip-lining through trees.

Biomedical Engineering
Rockaway, New Jersey

As a biomedical engineering student, I never thought I would have the opportunity to build robots! My co-op has me building all kinds of automated systems and laboratory aids to improve the efficiency of my lab mates. That's part of why I love working for startup companies - you get to experience a little bit of everything because you are a valued resource. Plus, smaller companies tend to feel more like families, which makes going to work every day way more fun!"

Co-op Experiences

  • Intelemage - Cincinnati, OH (Implementation Specialist)
  • Eccrine Systems - Cincinnati, OH (Automation Engineers)


Emma Lowe '19

Emma Lowe, chemical engineering class of 2019, on her co-op assignment at BASF, wearing a hardhat and safety glasses with the plant in the background.

Chemical Engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio

UC is my home. It has opened doors, given me endless amounts of support from great people, and given me opportunities I never thought were possible. Through the co-op program, I have been given the chance to get hands on work in my field and learned important skills you can't get in the classroom. I have been in meetings I had no business being in just for the fact that my supervisors wanted me to learn and get experience. On top of that, I was encouraged to always ask questions and they would always make sure I understood what was going on in those meetings. I can't imagine trying to decide what I want to do with my degree or all the other important questions without the knowledge and experiences UC has given me."

Co-op Experiences

  • BASF - Cincinnati, Ohio (Esters & Business Co-op)
  • University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, Ohio (Student Orientation Leader)


Nathan Huber '19

Nathan Huber, electrical engineering technology class of 2019, in a blue hazmat suit at his co-op assignment at Coldwater Machine. The suit protects him from high voltage

Electrical Engineering Technology
Saint Marys, Ohio

Co-op has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons both in education as well as in the professional setting. By designing, managing, and executing various projects I have been able to get my gears turning and get my hands dirty. I even got to experience the ins and outs of high voltage distribution in this cool suit."

Co-op Experiences

  • Coldwater Machine - Coldwater Ohio (Controls/Robotics Engineer Co-op)


Adam Kluesener '19

Adam Kluesener, chemical engineering class of 2019, is pictured here with his girlfriend.

Chemical Engineering
Harrison, Ohio

Co-op has not only allowed me to develop technical skills related to Chemical Engineering, but it has also strengthened my leadership and interpersonal skills that I can take with me wherever I go in life. I couldn't imagine graduating without co-op experience."

Co-op Experiences

  • BASF - Greenville, Ohio (Operations, Production, and Maintenance) 


Timothy Jones '19

Timothy Jones, mechanical engineering class of 2019, pictured in a neon safety vest and hardhat at a wastewater treatment facility.

Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio

The co-op experience at UC has given me the opportunity to explore different career paths. During my most recent co-op, I was working as a project engineer in Suffolk, VA on a new wastewater treatment facility. This experience, along with my other co-ops, has allowed me to apply theory learned in the classroom, to real world situations."

Co-op Experiences

  • KLH Engineers - Ft. Thomas, Kentucky (Mechanical Design Co-op)
  • Crowder Construction - Suffolk, Virginia (Protect Engineer)


Megan Miller '19

Megan Miller, architectural engineering class of 2019, took a picture of a construction site in Cincinnati.

Architectural Engineering
Marysville, Ohio

I absolutely love my co-op.  Everyone at Schaefer is very welcoming and willing to work with me.  This co-op has taught me a lot about the industry and also challenged me to grow as a person and as an engineering student.  I have had the privilege of working on buildings all over the country.  I have also gone on a couple site visits to see different types of construction throughout Cincinnati, including anything from a fire station to a 10,000 square foot warehouse to a four story modern office building."

Co-op Experiences

  • Shaefer – Cincinnati, Ohio


Alexis Conway '19

Alexis Conway, aerospace engineering class of 2019, pictured in the cockpit of an airplane, with lots of buttons lit up!

Aerospace Engineering
Medina, Ohio

Co-op has allowed me to build a broad range of experiences from the ground up. I have manufactured parts, assembled engines, and supported engines in service flying all over the world. I’m even a proud owner of an engine! The sky is the limit, and that is where I work."

Co-op Experiences

  • GE Aviation - West Chester, Ohio
  • GE Aviation - Evendale, Ohio
  • GE Aviation - Auburn, Alabama


Tessa Wiedmann '19

Tessa Wiedmann, computer science class of 2019, pictured in front of a creative Microsoft sign on a chalkboard.

Computer Science
Cincinnati, Ohio

I actually started at UC majoring in Computer Engineering but then switched to Computer Science during my first co-op. I was on a research and development team and got to work on Apple Watch and iOS development which fueled my love of software. Thanks to co-op and the real world experience I got early on, I easily switched to CS. I also believe co-op sets you apart from students at other universities and is the reason I landed a co-op at Microsoft!"

Co-op Experiences

  • Siemens PLM Software – Milford, Ohio
  • TutorGen, Inc. – Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
  • Microsoft – Seattle, Washington


Kearstin O'Mara '19

Kearstin O'Mara, construction management class of 2019, pictured in front of mountains in West Point, NY. She is wearing a neon yellow safety vest, safety glasses and a yellow hardhat.

Construction Management
Cincinnati, Ohio

I learned an incredible amount while in West Point and now have an excellent idea of what I want to do after graduation. Being able to work alongside some very intelligent/successful men and women in the construction industry absolutely allowed me to grow professionally. I also made some lifelong friends along the way."

Co-op Experiences

  • John Jurgensen Company - Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Walsh Construction – West Point, New York


Kurt Lewis '19

Kurt Lewis, computer science class of 2019, is speaking with a microphone in front of a crowd of students in an auditorium before a hackathon.

Computer Science
Warren, Ohio

My favorite part of the co-op program is being treated like a full member of the team on co-op. Through my semesters I’ve been granted a great deal of responsibility, and I’ve written code that has gone into production and even played a role in large decisions. I’ve also gotten to explore the software industry, working for companies of different types, sizes, and cultures. The thriving tech community in Cincinnati has given me plenty of options to choose from right here at home."

Co-op Experiences

  • Siemens PLM - Milford, Ohio (Architectural Team)
  • Etegent Technologies - Norwood, Ohio (Software Engineering)


Erick Madis '19

Erick Madis, biomedical engineering class of 2019, is pictured here wearing a halloween costume while working in a lab with fellow researchers.

Biomedical Engineering
Hudson, Ohio

I learned all about the ins and outs of conducting laboratory research. I learned how time-consuming and frustrating it can be, but also how rewarding it can be. I genuinely loved the science behind what we were doing, and carrying out different experiments to test the science was incredible."

Co-op Experiences

  • Immunology Research Lab – Cincinnati, Ohio


Mitchell Muha '19

Mitchell Muha, chemical engineering class of 2019, is pictured at his office at Lubrizol Corp.

Chemical Engineering
North Royalton, Ohio

The skills that I have learned while working are beyond what is learned in the classroom because concepts are applied to real life scenarios."

Co-op Experiences

  • The Lubrizol Corporation – Wickliffe, Ohio (Operations/Process Development)
  • The Lubrizol Corporation – Deer Park, Texas (Production)
  • The Lubrizol Corporation – Painesville, Ohio (Production)


Chris Stone '19

Chris Stone, chemical engineering class of 2019, is pictured at a Technology and Engineering Conference

Chemical Engineering and MBA
Westlake, Ohio

The meaning of the work that I did was best summarized by my associate director on my final day where he told me ‘thanks to your work, we might be able to get to market before you graduate!"

Co-op Experiences

  • Proctor & Gamble - Sharon Woods, Ohio (Product Research)
  • Proctor & Gamble - Sharon Woods, Ohio (Material Process and Delivery)
  • Proctor & Gamble – Mason, Ohio (Beauty Technology Formulation)


Caleb Van Haaren '19

Caleb Van Haaren, computer engineering class of 2019, is pictured in front of the Experimental Computing Lab sign.

Computer Engineering
Bethel, Ohio

I loved going to work each morning. I got to work closely with my fellow co-ops and mentor was always around in case I had questions. Currently, I am creating code for forest fire simulation!"

Co-op Experiences

  • Siemens PLM - Milford, Ohio (Strategic)
  • University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, Ohio (Parallel Simulation Research)


Kristin McArthur '18

Kristin McArthur, Architectural Engineering 2018

Architectural Engineering
Mason, Ohio

“I loved that my semesters at the University of Cincinnati alternated between co-oping and taking classes. It allowed me to learn new material in class to apply to my next co-op, and then gain real working experience to take back and apply to my studies. Having been able to work in five different co-op positions, I can confidently interview for a full-time position knowing exactly how I want to start my career as a young professional.”

Co-op Experiences

  • Messer Construction - Cincinnati, Ohio (Operations Technology co-op, Project Engineer co-op, Virtual Construction co-op)
  • Schaefer - Cincinnati, Ohio (Structural Engineering co-op)


Alex Branscome '18

Alex Branscome, Civil Engineering class of 2018

Civil Engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Attending UC has given me opportunities I wouldn't have had at other universities. The co-op program here has allowed me to work for some amazing companies, helped me grow professionally, explore different jobs, and figure out what I want to do. In addition, I was able to fulfill my goal of working internationally while in college, which was an incredible experience.”

Co-op Experiences

  • Butler County Engineer's Office - Hamilton, Ohio
  • The Walt Disney Company - Orlando, Florida
  • PEC Civil Consultant Pte Ltd. - Singapore (Structural Engineering Intern)


Ryan Reese '18

Ryan Reese, mechanical engineering class of 2018

Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Entering the engineering program at UC, I never imagined I would be able to work side by side with GE Aviation technicians to personally assemble commercial jet engines.  This experience in Durham, NC was eye opening and I know I would never have had the opportunity without UC's world-class co-op program.”

Co-op Experiences

  • Siemens Industry - Norwood, Ohio
  • GE Aviation - Dayton, Ohio
  • GE Aviation - Cincinnati, Ohio
  • GE Aviation - Durham, North Carolina


Jacob Ogonek '18

Jacob Ogonek, environmental engineering class of 2018

Environmental Engineering
Westlake, Ohio

“I had an opportunity to live in Philadelphia for my first semester of coop while learning about the world of environmental consulting! I also got to co-op with a great company like Kroger right here in Cincinnati.”

Co-op Experiences

  • Langan Engineering and Environmental Services - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Langan Engineering and Environmental Services - Cleveland, Ohio
  • Water Wastewater Consulting Services Inc. - Cleveland, Ohio
  • Kroger Co. - Cincinnati, Ohio


Miranda Hileman '18

Miranda Hileman, chemical engineering class of 2018 on co-op

Chemical Engineering
Crestwood, Kentucky

As a senior in high school, I told my mom that before I graduated from UC I'd co-op in London. I got really lucky and UC opened up London as a co-op location during my last opportunity to co-op. The company I worked for had a great balance of work and play and offered me great opportunities to grow technically.

Co-op Experiences

  • GE Aviation - Evendale, OH (Safety and Industrial Hygiene)
  • L'Oreal - Florence, KY (Packaging Engineering)
  • Yoomi, Feed Me Bottled - Dartford, United Kingdom (Quality Assurance)


Zach Deutscher '18

Zach Deutscher, aerospace engineering class of 2018, on co-op at GE aviation with airplanes in the background

Aerospace Engineering
Independence, Kentucky

Co-op has given me the opportunity to explore different fields of my major that I never knew existed. If I had not had the opportunity to explore different roles in the Aerospace industry, I would have no idea what to do once I graduated. Fortunately I went to the University of Cincinnati and was given the opportunity to co-op."

Co-op Experiences

  • GE Aviation - Evendale, Ohio
  • GE Aviation - Mcallen, Texas
  • GE Aviation - Peebles, Ohio

McKenzie Kinzbach '18

McKenzie Kinzbach, aerospace engineering class of 2018, on co-op at SpaceX in Hawthorne, California, with a desert in the background

Aerospace Engineering
Medina, Ohio

The co-op experience has been the most valuable part of my education and has led me to secure a full time job. I've worked with four different teams on an array of vastly different components, creating tools, processes, test stands, flight hardware. I've been able to watch engines I've worked on launch in person! The real world skills and responsibilities from a real work place make me a better student and definitely make me feel ready to take on engineering projects after graduation."

Co-op Experiences

  • SpaceX - Hawthorne, California (Boost Propulsion Build Engineering)
  • SpaceX - McGregor Texas (Dragon Test)
  • SpaceX - Hawthorne, California (F9 Landing Leg Manufacturing)
  • SpaceX - Hawthorne, California (Dragon 2 Production)
  • NASA GRC - Cleveland, Ohio (In-Space Propulsion)

Brianna Karelin '18

Brianna Karelin, construction management class of 2018, in a neon safety vest, hardhat, and safety glasses while on co-op.

Construction Management
Delaware, Ohio

The University of Cincinnati has provided me the opportunities to travel across the country and in Europe. Traveling is the only thing in the world that we spend money on and become richer as a result. I never imagined I would have been able to live in incredible places for co-op or have road-trips paid for by my company to get to these places. Student involvement, co-ops, course work, friends, and professors have all provided me memories to last a lifetime."

Co-op Experiences

  • Walsh Construction - Louisville, Kentucky (Ohio River Bridge Project: East End Crossing, QC/QA, Tunnel, Cable Stay Suspension Bridge, 6 miles of roadwork)
  • Archer Western - Dallas, Texas ( I35 Express, 1.5 mile bridge over Lake Lewisville)
  • Granite Construction - Allentown, Pennsylvania (PA Rapid Bridge Project)
  • White Construction - Amity, Missouri (Wind Farm, 97 Wind Turbines)
  • Helix Electric - San Francisco, California (Electrical subcontractor)


Jessica Hozmer '18

Jessica Hozmer, construction management class of 2018, in a neon safety vest, hardhat, and safety glasses while on co-op.

Construction Management
Pataskala, Ohio

My double rotation was on an 8 mile transit through one of the biggest cities in America. The project touched on just about every aspect of construction: building, highway, bridges, and even tunnel work. There was always so much to go and see including building a bridge on top of a bridge on top of the busiest freeway in the country. It was truly a work of art!"

Co-op Experiences

  • Walsh-Shea - Los Angeles, California (LAX/Crenshaw Transit)
  • Walsh Construction - Chicago, Illinois (Equipment Department (Corporate office))
  • Archer Western (Walsh) - Morganton, North Carolina (New Broughton Mental Institution)


Blake Beard '18

Blake Beard, electrical engineering class of 2018, pictured in front of a temple in Tokyo, Japan, while on co-op with IHI

Electrical Engineering
Cleveland, Ohio

Starting a co-op can be an exciting and scary thing to do. But it is a must, whether you are ready or not. And that is where you grow as an individual, challenge yourself, and learn the most. Doing something not when you're ready, but when it's time. I was terrified to go to Japan to live for 8 months. But my flight was leaving, so I had no choice. And I couldn't be more pleased with everything that happened to me because of it."

Co-op Experiences

  • Duke Energy - Cincinnati, OH
  • IHI - Tokyo, Japan (Jet Engine Nose Research)


Charles Bowman '18

Megan Miller, architectural engineering class of 2019, took a picture of a construction site in Cincinnati.

Civil Engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio

Co-op is the ‘best thing since sliced bread.’ Through my five co-ops I learned what I want do after graduation and for the rest of my life. I learned a great deal of practical knowledge in addition to valuable work experience which has made classroom learning more meaningful. Co-op has also made college not only affordable but also pleasant. Finally, co-op gave me to opportunity to work abroad in Singapore which has been one of the most valuable and memorable experiences of my life."

Co-op Experiences

  • Kokosing Industrial - Toledo, Ohio (Assistant Field Engineer)
  • Kokosing Industrial - Columbus, Ohio (Assistant Project Manager)
  • American Bridge Company - New York City, New York (Field Engineer Co-op)
  • American Bridge Company - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Engineering Department Co-op)
  • British Marine Technology - Singapore (Maritime Engineering Department Co-op)


Sarah Deutsch '18

Sarah Deutsch, mechanical engineering class of 2018, is pictured in front of Munich, Germany landmarks while on co-op for BMW in Germany.

Mechanical Engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio

Starting in 3rd grade, I dreamed about being able to work in a different country during college. Co-op and UC's International Co-op Program turned this dream into reality for me. My co-op experiences are incredibly invaluable and I cannot recommend it enough."

Co-op Experiences

  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation - Savannah, Georgia
  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation; Savannah, Georgia
  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation - Savannah, Georgia
  • BMW - Munich, Germany
  • BMW - Munich, Germany


Julie Chang '18

Julie Chang, biomedical engineering class of 2018, in a labcoat as she researches in a lab on co-op.

Biomedical Engineering
Fairfield, Ohio

Through my co-ops, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work and explore career options in both industry and academia. My favorite part of my co-ops is the way it challenges me and pushes me to think creatively, while also being able to help others. Through my experiences, I’ve learned more about myself and what my passions are, which has helped me to decide the direction I’d like to go after graduation."

Co-op Experiences

  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • L'Oreal - Florence, Ky.
  • Peter Cremer NA - Cincinnati, Ohio
  • University of Cincinnati College of Medicine - Cincinnati, Ohio


Joe Rayho '18

Joe Rayho, aerospace engineering class of 2018, in a silver foil protective suit wearing gloves and a large welding mask.

Aerospace Engineering
Succasunna, New Jersey

The co-op experience has allowed me to try out two very different career paths to find which one I preferred. Instead of graduating with only a piece of paper that says I am an engineer, I get to graduate with the experiences to back it up."

Co-op Experiences

  • Barnes Aerospace – West Chester, Ohio
  • Kinetic Vision – Evandale, Ohio


Joe Kaufman '18

Joe Kaufman, civil engineering class of 2018, takes a selfie in glasses, a hardhat and safety vest while on a construction site.

Civil Engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio

I never thought I would get the international exposure that I received from my most recent co-op. Thanks to scholarships and co-op money, the experience was very affordable and pleasant."

Co-op Experiences

  • Chinese University of Cincinnati - Chongqing, China
  • Sizemore & Company – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Walsh/Vinci Construction – Louisville, Ky.
  • Dugan & Meyers Construction Company – Cincinnati, Ohio


Taylor Bonifant '18

Taylor Bonifant, construction management class of 2018, pictured in a hardhat, neon orange safety vest and safety glasses in front of a bridge construction site.

Construction Management
Heath, Ohio

My supervisor was awesome and allowed me to jump into different departments in an effort to get a well-rounded experience. It was my first experience on a construction site so the whole rotation was very ‘mile wide and inch deep’."

Co-op Experiences

  • Archer Western Construction – Dallas, Texas (30 Mile Highway project)
  • Walsh Construction – Louisville, Ky. (Ohio River Bridges)
  • Walsh Construction – Chicago
  • Helix Electric - Honolulu, Hawaii


Costina Luc '18

Costina Luc, biomedical engineering class of 2018, is sitting on top of the large "Cook" company sign with her coworkers

Biomedical Engineering
West Chester, Ohio

Cook Medical truly helped me grow personally and professionally. I organized and lead my projects, implemented verification and validation test plans, and operated on a variety of machines including autoclave, lasermike, and instron. The opportunities aligned my future career goals; at Cook Medical I was able to observe the interactions between an engineer and physician which helped me gain an understanding of how I could combine my two passions."

Co-op Experiences

  • Kinetic Vision - Cincinnati, Ohio (Imaging/Reverse Engineering)
  • Cook Medical - Bloomington, Ind. (Head and Neck Surgery)
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Cincinnati, Ohio (Pulmonary Biology Research)


Kaitlin Stock '18

Kaitlin Stock, mechanical engineering class of 2018, is pictured here with her fellow CEAS ambassador, Costina Luc, and they are both wearing their red CEAS "We Engineer Better" polo shirts.

Mechanical Engineering
Cleveland, Ohio

Being able to see a part from its design up until its failure and then finding ways to fix it was awesome—I loved seeing the whole process. This helped me grow professionally by giving me the opportunity to work with people from many countries and helping me with my communication skills."

Co-op Experiences

  • Kinetic Vision – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Siemens PLM Software – Milford, Ohio


Dillon Staub '18

Dillon Staub, electrical engineering class of 2018, pictured in front of a river city front in Germany

Electrical Engineering
Florence, Kentucky (The candy-stripe water tower that reads "FLORENCE Y'ALL")

Working in another country (Germany) and speaking a different language was a fantastic experience. This experience taught me a great deal about international collaboration as well as research and development in the corporate sector."

Co-op Experiences

  • L-3 Communications Fuzing & Ordnance Systems - Amelia, Ohio
  • Robert Bosch GmbH Zentrum für Forschung und Vorausentwicklung - Renningen, Germany
  • University of Cincinnati: Bio-Inspired Electronic Devices for Medical Diagnosis Research Group - Cincinnati, Ohio


Emily Demjanenko '18

Emily Demjanenko, mechanical engineering class of 2018, is pictured working on a large jet engine while on co-op at GE Aviation.

Mechanical Engineering
Columbus, Ohio

Co-op has helped me gain a better understanding of what I want to do after graduation. I was able to work in 5 completely different departments with entirely new teams every time, all while staying in the same company! I was also pushed out of my comfort zone to get to know people and take initiative on projects."

Co-op Experiences

  • GE Aviation - Cincinnati, Ohio (GE90 Product Support Engineering)
  • GE Aviation - Cincinnati Ohio (Sourcing Quality)
  • GE Aviation - Cincinnati Ohio (Combustors and Structures Lean Lab)
  • GE Aviation - Cincinnati Ohio (Aeromechanics)
  • GE Aviation - Durham, N.C. (GP7200 Materials)


Luana Pego '17

Luana Pego, architectural engineering class of 2017, pictured on a construction site wearing a neon orange safety vest, a hardhat, and safety glasses.

Architectural Engineering
Santos, Brazil

One of my projects actually got built - a small park on the West Side of Cincinnati that I got to design all by myself. I had a great experience that allowed me to go from being scared of my first co-op to a confident engineering student who learned many new skills while working downtown."

Co-op Experiences

  • Kroger Facility Engineering - Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Helix Electric - San Diego, California.
  • City of Cincinnati Department of Engineering and Transportation – Cincinnati, Ohio


Isaac Feather '17

Isaac Feather, mechanical engineering class of 2017, pictured on the top of a large mountain while hiking!

Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale, Illinois

In the workplace, first and foremost it was great getting the opportunity to learn about and work in the nuclear energy field. I fell in love with the Carolinas, and hope that a future job opportunity brings me out there to live once again."

Co-op Experiences

  • Dow Chemical - Chicago
  • Dow Chemical - Indianapolis
  • Valeo Climate Control - Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Duke Energy - Charlotte, N.C.


Alyssa Albek '17

Alyssa Albek, chemical engineering class of 2017, in a blue labcoat wearing blue gloves and safety glasses as she mixes a solution in a large chemical beaker.

Chemical Engineering
Mentor, Ohio

The basis of my job was very cool, we made bio based oil and fuel from organic things like plants, paper, and trash/wastes. In the off time from work, I was able to travel around to Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. I never imagined how much growth I would have over such a short amount of time."

Co-op Experiences

  • DuPont Nutrition and Health - Remington, Ind.
  • Fraunhofer Research Institute – Nuremburg, Germany