Why study Heavy Highway Construction?

The Heavy Highway Construction Certificate prepares civil engineering and construction management students for careers in the heavy highway sector. As a student, you will gain specialized skills to tackle design and construction issues on complex projects such as highways, bridges, interchanges, and other large-scale infrastructure projects. Graduates of this program will have opportunities to contribute to essential infrastructure projects that shape our communities and facilitate economic growth.

Program Highlights:

  • Dual Tracks: Students will select from two tracks to follow, tailored to your career goals: Construction Management Track or Construction Engineering Track.
  • Open to All: The certificate is open to UC students of all majors who meet the prerequisites; non-UC students who wish to add this valuable credential to their resumes; professionals who are seeking continuing education for engineering licenses or to enhance their technical skills.

Why choose the Heavy Highway Construction Certificate?

  • Industry Demand: Address the skills shortage in heavy highway construction, sought after by contractors and state departments of transportation (DOT).
  • Real-World Skills: Gain practical knowledge through project-based learning courses.
  • Co-op Opportunities: Explore co-op positions within the heavy highway construction sector.
  • Career Prospects: Stand out in the growing heavy highway construction field with specialized expertise.
  • Versatility: In-depth knowledge gained from the certificate can be applied to related sectors.
  • Stay on Track: Earn the certificate without extending your graduation date.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Potential access to scholarships from the Ohio Contractors Association (OCA), the Flexible Pavements of Ohio (FPO), and other contractors in heavy highway construction.
  • Fulfill Your Degree: Courses for the certificate can be “double counted,” so UC students in construction management or civil engineering programs can take the certificate courses and also count them toward their degree with minimal additional effort. The certificate achievement will be recorded on your permanent transcript.

Certificate made possible through generous support from JR Jurgensen Company and several Ohio Contractors Association (OCA) members.

Admission Requirements

This certificate is open to all CAECM students. Students outside the CAECM department should reach out to the department advisor.

The certificate prepares students and professionals from construction management and civil engineering to thrive in the growing heavy highway construction sector. 

Kimberly Zimmerer
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(513) 556-5337

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Contact Information

George Okere, PhD
Edwards Hall - Room 4130H
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