Student in a lab holding an instrument

Research Areas of Impact

In 2020, the College of Engineering and Applied Science accumulated more than 170 awards, $21.6 million in grants and contracts, and nearly 50 research sponsors. This mobilized discoveries in virus testing, breakthroughs in urban flood research, and innovations in pandemic response. We are changing everyday tasks, altering traditional systems, and improving lives. Next lives here.

Cross-cutting Technologies

Engineering and technology that occurs where two engineering fields meet — like the civil engineering of a bridge with the enviromental engineering of its impact on the surrounding area.

Modeling and Simulation

Using models to simulate processes and gather data, and then use that data to improve the product or process at a lower cost than actually performing the process.


The design and discovery of new materials.


Sensors are devices that measure change in security, safety, and medicine.

Industry 5.0

Home to seven Fortune 500 companies, Cincinnati industry looks to us to facilitate innovation. We are committed to improving manufacturing processes, automation, AI, and more that can streamline and impact our city's infrastructure. 

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Interpretting large amounts of data quickly to improve the intelligence of machines.


Protecting computer systems and networks from manipulation, damage, and theft.

Robotics & Uninhabited Systems

The design, construction, and operation of unmanned machines.

Medical and Health Sciences

The close proximity to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and Cincinnati Children's Hospital offers a unique opportunity for research collaborations in the bioinformatics and tissue engineering fields, with access to top doctors and renowned hospitals to influence research and beyond.

Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Replacing or regenerating cells to restore function.


Using computation to better understand biology, like monitoring heart rate or body temperature.

Urban Futures

As an urban university, our impact on our region matters. Breakthroughs in environmental footprint can change the way we live, innovations in constructing new buildings can improve the way we work, and discoveries in transportation efficiencies can alter how we maneuver. 

Water, Energy, and Environment

Innovating within the linkages of water, energy and environment.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Cincinnati's diverse infrastructure keeps researchers on their toes. Revolutionizing historic preservation, transforming new construction, and altering transportation are key factors to a city like ours.

Smart Buildings

From improving technology that controls water irrigation to utilizing sustainable building materials, the field incorporates environmental footprint with innovations to improve the landscape of new and existing buildings.