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Schutte Tissue Engineering Lab

The Schutte Tissue Engineering Lab’s research focuses on the regulation of the extracellular matrix protein elastin by adult cells. Elastin synthesis is important for tissue engineering of a variety of tissues including arteries and skin as well as in repair of damaged elastin in emphysema or after burns. Our laboratory is interested in how female sex hormones and mechanical strain influence elastin production. 

Our laboratory is actively working to improve elastin content in tissue engineered skin substitutes. We are using these substitutes as model systems for studying skin biology and are working on developing improvements to the scaffold for a new generation of skin substitutes.


Headshot of Stacey Colleen Schutte

Stacey Colleen Schutte

Assistant Professor, CEAS - Biomedical Eng



Research areas: Engineering of soft tissue including skin, elastin synthesis, mechanobiology, and effects of proteases on wound healing.