Faculty & Mentors


Headshot of Lawrence Bennett, Esq.

Lawrence Bennett, Esq. link

Associate Professor; Educator; Program Chair, UC Fire Science & Emergency Management

(513) 470-2744

Headshot of Nathan P. Bromen

Nathan P. Bromen link

Adjunct Professor; Retired Chief Fire Officer; Senior Fire Investigator

(513) 250-6123

Headshot of  Bryan Brown

Bryan Brown link

UC Aerospace - Masters Degree; dev. new course, UAVs [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles] For Emergency Responders

(513) 429-9335

Headshot of  Brian Carlson

Brian Carlson link

Adjunct Professor; Lt./Paramedic, Anderson Twp FD

(513) 616-7995

Headshot of John L. Donahue

John L. Donahue link

Adjunct Professor; Fire Chief, Delaware Fire Department, OH

(740) 990-9731

Headshot of  Chris Eisele

Chris Eisele link

Adjunct Professor; Fire Chief, Deerfield Twp Fire Department, OH

(513) 623-8047

Headshot of  Mark A. Fyffe

Mark A. Fyffe link

Adjunct Professor; Assistant Fire Chief, Union Twp Fire Department, OH

(513) 484-2102

Headshot of  Mike Gabennesch

Mike Gabennesch link

Adjunct Professor

(513) 556-6583 (Call Raena Hoskins)

Headshot of  Randall Hanifen

Randall Hanifen link

Adjunct Professor; Shift Captain; West Chester Twp FD

(513) 266-6124

Headshot of Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes link

Adjunct Professor; Retired Battalion Chief; CVG Airport FD; Recent graduate of PA school (Physicians Assistant)

(513) 658-6615

Headshot of William (BJ) Jetter

William (BJ) Jetter link

Adjunct Professor; Safety Service Director, Deer Park, OH

(513) 615-3768

Headshot of  Mark Johnston

Mark Johnston link

Adjunct Professor; Christ Hospital EMS Coordinator; FF/Paramedic (retired)

(513) 497-9358

Headshot of Steve Kelly

Steve Kelly link

Adjunct Professor; Fire Chief, Miami Twp FD, Clermont County, OH

(513) 260-2279

Headshot of Mark Kissling

Mark Kissling link

Adjunct Professor (in Speech & Communications)

(513) 913-7668

Headshot of Tom Lakamp

Tom Lakamp link

Adjunct Professor; Assistant Chief, Cincinnati FD

(513) 467-9921

Headshot of Amy McMahon

Amy McMahon link

UC Social Work

(513) 556-4621

Headshot of  Tyler McCoy

Tyler McCoy link

Assistant Fire Chief, Colerain Twp Fire Department

(513) 473-5427

Headshot of Mark Ober

Mark Ober link

Adjunct Professor; Fire Chief, Reading, OH


Headshot of Eric Reiners

Eric Reiners link

Adjunct Professor; Chief Admin. Officer, Deerfield Twp, OH

(513) 678-1045

Headshot of Demond Simmons

Demond Simmons link

Adjunct Professor; Cincinnati Fire Department (District Chief)

(513) 884-1505

Headshot of Doug Wehmeyer

Doug Wehmeyer link

Adjunct Professor; Battalion Chief, Deerfield Twp FD, Warren County, OH

(513) 678-2293

Headshot of Jonathan Westendorf

Jonathan Westendorf link

Adjunct Professor; Fire Chief, City of Franklin, OH

(513) 200-3980


Headshot of Bryan J. Adams

Bryan J. Adams link

Mentor; Fire Prev. Officer, Dayton Fire Department

(937) 608-5592

Headshot of Chase Bryan

Chase Bryan link

Mentor; Lt., Truro Township FD

(614) 519-0748

Headshot of Stanley G. Deimling

Stanley G. Deimling link

Mentor; Fire Chief, Union Township FD

(513) 528-4446

Headshot of Mark Gerano, Esq.

Mark Gerano, Esq. link

Mentor; Attorney; Former Lt., Mason Fire Department

(513) 719-5701

Headshot of Jeremy Griest

Jeremy Griest link

Mentor; FF/Paramedic, Charleston FD, WV

(937) 312-4490

Headshot of Adam Howard

Adam Howard link

Mentor; Battalion Chief, Fairborn FD, OH

(937) 231-7389

Headshot of Clayton James

Clayton James link

Mentor; Retired Captain, Newport, KY FD

(513) 900-0216

Headshot of Gary Kautz

Gary Kautz link

Mentor; Lt., Burton Fire & Rescue, MI (retired)

(810) 813-0480

Headshot of William Kramer

William Kramer link

Professor Emeritus; Retired Director, UC Fire Science; Retired Fire Chief, Deerfield Twp Fire & Rescue

(513) 678-2279

Headshot of Steve Ludwig

Steve Ludwig link

Mentor; Lt., Middletown FD

(513) 330-3515

Headshot of David Moore

David Moore link

Mentor; Former Fire Chief, Glendale Fire Department, OH

(513) 771-7200

Headshot of Jeffrey Parker

Jeffrey Parker link

Mentor; Captain Fort Thomas Fire Department, KY

(859) 802-7240

Headshot of Tucker Palmatier

Tucker Palmatier link

Mentor; Former Captain, Glendale FD

(513) 385-5955

Headshot of Garrett Sagraves

Garrett Sagraves link

Mentor; Firefighter/Paramedic, Washington Twp FD

(937) 608-0044

Headshot of Chuck Stenger

Chuck Stenger link

Mentor; Lt.,. Jefferson Twp FD, Blacklick, OH

(614) 554-1005

Headshot of Daniel Sypen

Daniel Sypen link

Mentor; Lt., Maple Heights FD, OH

(330) 998-3317

Headshot of Anthony Terrace

Anthony Terrace link

Mentor; Lt., Englewood Fire Department, OH

(937) 248-1259

Headshot of Scott Vinel

Scott Vinel link

Mentor; Captain, Delhi Fire Department

(513) 432-4446; (513) 478-9900

Headshot of Robert Wright

Robert Wright link

Mentor; Fire Chief, Cincinnati Fire Department (retired)

(513) 432-4446