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Lawrence T. Bennett, Esq.

  • Larry Bennett is Program Chair, Fire Science & Emergency Management at the University of Cincinnati.  He has been an attorney since 1970, and an Ohio certified firefighter (FF I) and emergency medical technician (EMT-B) since 1980.   
  • Case summaries update in his textbook, Fire Service Law (Second Edition)
    • Published in Jan. 2017 by Waveland Press - contact Neil Rowe,; ISBN 978-1-4786-3397-6; book available at Waveland Press site
  • Textbook is used in the National Fire Academy’s “degrees at a distance” course, Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Protection.
  • EMS cases are updated Bennett's free, online textbook: EMS LAW - LEGAL LESSONS LEARNED
    • Published June 2018 by scholar@UC - ISBN:  978-1-949104-03-5 DOI: 0.7945/C2NX1Z; book available at scholar@UC.
  • For questions and comments, please contact or 513-470-2744 (cell).


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