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Lawrence T. Bennett, Esq.

  • Larry Bennett is Program Chair, Fire Science & Emergency Management at the University of Cincinnati.  He has been an attorney since 1970, and an Ohio certified firefighter (FF I) and emergency medical technician (EMT-B) since 1980.   
  • Case summaries update in his textbook, Fire Service Law (Second Edition)
    • Published in Jan. 2017 by Waveland Press - contact Neil Rowe,; ISBN 978-1-4786-3397-6; book available at Waveland Press site
  • Textbook is used in the National Fire Academy’s “degrees at a distance” course, Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Protection.
  • EMS cases are updated Bennett's free, online textbook: EMS LAW - LEGAL LESSONS LEARNED
    • Published June 2018 by scholar@UC - ISBN:  978-1-949104-03-5 DOI: 0.7945/C2NX1Z; book available at scholar@UC.
  • For questions and comments, please contact or 513-470-2744 (cell).


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TEXTBOOK: EMS LAW (Third Edition, 2020); FREE ONLINE TEXTBOOK: (ISBN: 978-1-949104-05-9); (2nd Edition 2018; 1st Edition 2012);

TEXTBOOK: FIRE SERVICE LAW (Second Edition, 2017) (ISBN 978-1-4786-3397-6); Waveland Press (First Edition – Prentice Hall, 2008).


Fire Science Required Textbooks, by Course
UC Class Session Class Title Instructor Textbook Title ISBN
FST1077 First/ Fall  PROBLEM SOLVING Eric Reiners/ Doug Wehmeyer Mathematics & Problem Solving for Fire Service Personnel, Mahoney 9780135028254
FST2009 Full/ Fall & Spr FIRE TACTICS Thomas Lakamp Structural Firefighting Strategy & Tactics (w/Nav2 Advantage Access) by Klaene/ Jones & Bartlett Learning 9781284180299
FST2049 Second/ Fall & Spr HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Michael Gabennesch Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations, 2nd edition                                             by Rob Schnepp (with recommendations from The National Fire Protection Association, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs)                                                  Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning 978-1-4496-4154-2
FST2079  Second/ Fall & Spr  FIREFIGHTER SAFETY Brian Carlson Ford, T. (2017). Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival (2nd ed.).  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. 9780134323336
FST3019 First/ Fall & Spr  BLDG CONST FIRE PRO Brian Carlson Brannigan, F. L. & Corbett, G. P. (2019). Brannigan’s Building Construction for the Fire Service, (6th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. 1284177319 / 978-1284177312
FST3021 Second/ Fall & Spr TERRORISM EMER. RESPONDERS Steve Kelly/         Rob Warfel  Free Text  
FST3043/ 6043 Second/ Fall & Spr COMMUNITY PARAMEDICINE Wilhelm Mueller Free Text  
FST3047  Second/ Spring INTRO EMERG. MGT. Jonathan Westendorf Haddow, G. D., Bullock, J. A., & Coppola, D. P. (2016). Introduction to emergency management (6th ed.). Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Cambridge 978-0-12-803064-6
FST3081 Second/ Fall & Spr ANALYTICAL APPROACHES FIRE/EMS Demond Simmons 1. Applications of Fire Research & Improvement by M.R. Gunderson & J. T. Lindsey (10/30/2020)  2. Publication Manual of The American Psychological Association (7th ed).   3.  Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, & Mixed Methods Approach by J.W. Creswell &  J.D. Creswell (12/19/2017) 1. 9781284206456   2. 1433832151   3. 1506386709
FST3085  First/ Fall& Spr&Summer POLITICAL AND LEGAL Lawrence Bennett  Fire Service Law Waveland Press 9781478633976
FST3092 First/ Fall& Spr BUDGET & COMM.

Mark Kissling/

Mark Ober

Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations, by Steven A. Finkler, Daniel L. Smith, Thad D. Calabrese and Robert M. Purtell (Published by SAGE, 5th edition                                                                                          Business Communication: A Problem-Solving Approach, by Kathryn Rentz and Paula Lentz (McGraw-Hill, 2048).   This online textbook is currently used for ENGL 4091 Business Writing, a course taught through the English Department in the College of Arts and Sciences.  9781506326849 & 9781259565878
FST4050 Second/ Summer  EMR Haz Materials BJ Jetter

Hazardous Material Managing the Incident  Fourth Edition; Noll, Gregory and. Hildebrand, Michael S: publisher Jones and Barlett

Reference Only: Homeland Security Principles and Practices of Terrorism Response, Maniscalco, Paul and Christen, Hank T. Publisher Jones and Bartlett 

 ISBN 978-1-4496-7084-9

 ISBN 978-0-7637-5785-4

FST 4072  Second/ Spring OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY Michael Gabennesch Accident Prevention Manual: Engineering & Technology, 13th Edition


FST 4073  Second/ Spring INTRO INDUS HYGIENE Michael Gabennesch Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition


FST4076 Second/ Fall PRINCIPLES OF ERGONOMICS Michael Gabennesch Ergonomics Process Management, A Blueprint for Quality and Compliance              Edited by James P. Kohn, Ph.D., CSP, CIH, CPE                                                                             Published by CRC Press LLC 1-56670-226-7
FST4081 Second/ Fall &Spr Personnel Management Chris Eisele

Fire Service Law

Fire Service Management

ISBN 0-13-155288-0

ISBN 0-13-512677-0

FST4082 Full/ Fall & Spr Applications of Fire Research Nathan Bromen Applications of Fire Research and Improvement, 2nd edition 9781284206456
FST 4086  First/ Spring  MANAGERIAL HAZMAT Randall Hanifen 1. Fire Protection Handbook (National Fire Protection Association), Volumes I and II, Arthur E. Cote (Editor), 20th edition (January 1, 2008).  Publisher: National Fire Protection Association; ISBN #: 0-87765-758-0. 2. Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident, by Michael Hildebrand and Gregory Noll. 4th Edition, Jones and Bartlett Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4496-7084-9. 978-1-4496-7084-9   0-87765-758-0
FST 5044 Second/ Fall& Spr LEADERSHIP Todd Owens/ Jonathan Westndorf Working with Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman 978055337858