Mantei/Mae Scholarship Award

The Mantei/Mae Scholarship is an achievement award given each spring to outstanding students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science. There is no application necessary, as all active undergraduate students who have completed their first year in their major programs are considered. 

Award criteria:

  • Recipients must be in the top 3% of their class (sophomore through senior) with cumulative GPA of 3.99-4.0
  • Students must not have completed their undergraduate degrees
  • Students must be on track to complete their undergraduate degree within five years

Students may receive the award more than once if they continue to meet these requirements. The amount of funding awarded is dependent on financial aid eligibility.

Mantei/Mae Scholarship Awards are presented at a banquet which is held on campus each spring. In addition to this event, all past and present awardees are invited to participate in events that are held each semester. Learn more about the history of the award.