The Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation (OCMI) was launched in 2010, funded by the Ohio 3rd Frontier Initiative ($5.9M project) and has the mission of seeding a new industrial cluster in southwest Ohio for commercializing micro/electrofluidic technologies. 

OCMI provides industrial user space and access rates, along with a setting to collaborate with the University of Cincinnati's internationally recognized faculty in micro/electrofluidics.  The center also includes an industrial advisory board (several local companies including P&G) which permits direct collaboration and networking between industrial members.  The >3000 ft2 OCMI facility (microfluidics) complements the existing ERC cleanroom and industry user center (for nano-semiconductor).  

OCMI provides the complete tool set needed to take new microfluidic devices from concept, to fabrication, all the way through industry standard characterization and performance specification.  The fabrication tools include the conventional paradigm for microfluidics (injection molding) but also includes emerging paradigms such as hot-embossing and UV-cured roll-to-roll processing.  

Furthermore, OCMI includes complete capability to make master-molds for injection molding, and flexible master molds for roll-to-roll processing.  Three professional staff support the center and are able to assist industry users during equipment access.