NX API based tools

Support Parameters module is used to visualize the presence of support structures needed to build the part for a user-input build orientation. This tool provides quick feedback on support structures as well as calculates parameters such as support volume, support contact area, build height, and down-facing areas (areas that do not need support structures). Because this module is developed to visualize the support structures for a particular orientation, the support structures are represented as lines for faster calculations.

Support Generation module is used to generate support structures needed to build the part for user-input build orientation. Different types of support structures can be generated using this module, details of which will be explained in the instruction manual.

Cusp Error is a measure used to quantify the deviation between the designed and manufactured part. The cusp error has an effect on the surface finish of the manufactured part. This tool calculates the cusp error with respect to every facet of the CAD body and the average cusp error for the entire part build. All the facets satisfying the specified threshold cusp height are highlighted in green and the rest are highlighted in red. The user can specify different input parameters such as orientation of the part, layer thickness and threshold cusp height and perform analysis to determine the suitable build parameters for acceptable surface finish.

Build Time is the total sum of the times taken by the laser to sinter each layer and the change over time between successive layers. This tool slices the body into several layers based on the specified layer thickness. The laser path in each layer is traced and the total sintering area and the sintering time across all the layers is computed based on laser velocity. The user can specify different build direction, slice thickness, laser parameters (diameter, speed, overlap) and hatch pattern to perform analysis and identify the build parameters which result in minimum build time for a given part.