CCP and Post-secondary Course Guidance

What courses can I take in high school that will count in the CEAS curriculum?

Looking to take some courses for college credit? Want to major in engineering or applied science? 

Common options for prospective students to Engineering & Applied Science:  

  1. Advanced Placement Courses (AP) 
  2. International Baccalaureate (IB) 
  3. College Credit Plus (CCP): State of OH CCP, UC CCP 
  4. General Post-Secondary Courses taken at a regionally accredited institution of higher education

Prior to choosing your courses, take a look at the curriculum of the program you’re interested in. 

Recommended Courses (current as of May 2023)


Use the following link:
UC's AP Equivalency Chart


Use the following link:
UC's IB Equivalency Chart 

CCP and Post-Secondary

Use the following link:


AP Calculus AB  

AP Calculus BC 

If need Pre-calculus: 

Math: Applications & Interpretation SL 

Math: Applications & interpretation HL 

If want Calculus: 

Math: Analysis & Approaches SL 

Math: Analysis & Approaches HL 

If need Pre-calculus: 

Choose courses equivalent to MATH 1026 

If want Calculus: 

Choose courses equivalent to MATH 1061 


AP Chemistry  

AP Physics C Part 1 (Mechanics) 

AP Physics C Part 2 (Electricity & Magnetism)  

Chemistry HL  Choose courses that are equivalent to CHEM 1040 and PHYS 2001 

AP English Language and Composition 

AP English Literature & Composition 

English A: Literature SL 

English A: Literature HL 

English A: Language & Literature SL 

English A: Language & Literature HL 

English B: SL 

English B: HL 

Courses equivalent to ENGL1001 
General Education* 

These are suggestions; this is not an exhaustive list

AP Psychology  

AP History (US/American) 

AP History (World)  

AP Microeconomics  

AP Spanish Language 

AP Spanish Literature  

These are suggestions; this is not an exhaustive list 

Psychology SL 

Psychology HL 

History: Europe/Middle East HL 

Economics HL 

Sociology & Cultural Anthropology SL 

Sociology & Cultural Anthropology HL 

Spanish A: Language & Literature SL 

Spanish A: Language & Literature HL 

Spanish B: SL 

Spanish B: HL 

These are suggestions; this is not an exhaustive list

Courses equivalent to:  

PSYC 1001 

HIST 1001 

ANTH 1001 

ECON 1001 

*General Education credits: Please look at the curriculum of the engineering or applied science major in which you’re interested. Most of our majors only have 9-12 credit hours that can be general education (or Breadth of Knowledge) credits.